Difficult Decisions.....

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Everytime I look at my MINI I have to smile. It's just so darn cute! The only way it could be any cuter is if it were hot pink pearl and had a giant Hello Kitty head on the hood....lol. I just love this car! I love driving it, how easy it is to park, the bun-warmer seats, and the awesome gas mileage I get---I love everything about it! It's almost 5 years old and I have only 18,000 miles on it, and not one single ding or scratch! It's economical, super-cute and paid for!

However, as difficult as it is to admit, I do not always love getting Isaac in and out of the backseat and his carseat. I literally have to climb into the backseat to get him strapped in. The car sits so low that all of this bending, stretching, and lowering a 25 lb wiggly monkey boy is very hard on the lower back, shoulders and neck.

My heart sinks everytime I think of giving up my beloved "PeeWee". This car was my post-divorce "it's time for ME" and "I bought a brand new car totally on my own!" vehicle. My mid-life crisis perhaps. It was bought long before I ever dreamed of having a child...or moving to snow-hell.

Technically I can fit a passenger, a toddler, a 75 lb. lovey puppy and a Peg Perego stroller in the back half of this car...but it's tight. We've debated this issue for awhile now, and we just keep coming back to how physically hard it is on our backs, to get the little Monkey boy in and out....and that we can't really take my car on any real road trips. We thought about the Mini Clubman, but it's still small and low to the ground...

I'm so torn. It's going to be SO hard to give up the car I love with all my heart, and buy a more practical small SUV or sedan that isn't quite so cute and fun and that is affordable. Something with *cringe* a car payment. (The Infiniti SUV I lust over is out of the question! The only vehicles I like are $$$!!). Oh...and I will *NOT*. Drive. A. Mini. Van. Ever. Ever. (Sorry, no offense to those who do. But I. Just. Can't. Do. It.) I'm so conflicted about this. Most people wouldn't think twice and would just trade the car. I'm different. I come from 'car people' (My dad was a drag racer)....I've only ever owned fast sports cars all my life. This MINI is actually the only 'cutesy' car I've ever owned...lol.

So hubby and I are debating, looking at some vehicles, and I'm trying to picture myself driving something else....I feel like I'll be giving up the last thing I have left, of the "original, real me". That kinda hurts. Is that selfish?

What do you drive? What do you love about it? Tell me all about it. What vehicles do you suggest?


sue said...

we have a honda element and love it! it's got lots of space and is easy to clean. it gets pretty good gas mileage. it only seats 4m which can cause problems, but we love everything else about it that we can overlook being able to seat a 5th person!

so sorry you have to give up the mini! it is super cute!

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

I love that car. I wanted one so bad. But two kids plus stroller...so NOT happening (not that I didn't try.)

I drive a Mini. Van. Hating it for the most part except it drives like a car (I have a Toyota Seinna) and carried not only an entire three piece entertainment system from Ikea but a large butt tv and me and my kids and my husband - with room to spare. That said . I hate Driving A Mini Van. Yes it is my own fault, I bought it.

What I really want is my Lucy back. My gorgeous still-leased sitting in a parking garage in Germany Bmw 318i. Sweet Sweet Lucy. She's so pretty I cry everytime my neighbor gets her 328 out (same color and everything, gahd it's torture!)

So I am no help unless BMW is in your budget :) After four years of BMW (I had the station wagon version for 2 years then Lucy) I was really really spoiled. I can admit it.

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Oh, what about a Jetta? They're super cute and even with all the whistles they are only about 23-25. Still sporty too

butterflygirl said...

I have a Honda Accord. Before that was a Nissan Maxima. Both have worked well with a child.
Merry Christmas!

Mom Taxi Julie said...

I have a chevy hhr. It's squishy when hubby is with us but fine when he's not, which is most of the time :)

Celeste and Tom said...

I am posting this late but totally understand your mini van dilemna. I had been sandbagging about another vehicle, but hubby cannot stand my indeciveness. (He wanted a mini van but it is really not my style..I mostly think of the normal stereotypes but also there is lots of old people who drive mini vans..) So after my sandbagging, hubby went a got a 2009 Honda Pilot that had been on the lot for over a year. (The new Odyssey was more and not 4 wheel drive.) We still have an Accord which I enjoy. THe SUV definitely came in handy with all the SNOW!! Hopefully you have safet travels..


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