Now That's the Spirit!

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Well, I guess now that I'm a mommy....I can't be all Bah-Humbug or all Ms. Holiday Cynic like I have in years past.

We put our Christmas tree the week before Thanksgiving. Yep, the week before Thanksgiving! We bought a 7 foot pre-lit premium artificial tree (I don't do real trees...they're an OCD nightmare! They bring in bugs, sap, mess, and chaos! lol). So this year, we have one tree....I didn't put up my 1950's silver tinsel tree this year or the other retro turquoise pre-lit tinsel tree. Unfortunately we haven't gotten any outdoor decorations up. We've either been gone or the weather has been too nasty to be outside. Our stockings are hung and the house is full of adorable snowmen (I hate actual snow, but love snowmen! Go figure!! lol) .

Now we just need to go visit Santa!

We're having our own family Christmas, just the three of us. (Well four if you count Lucie the giant puppy). For the first time in 22 years I will spend Christmas Eve and Day in my own home, in my PJ's. This sounds very relaxing! We may travel after the holiday to visit relatives, but this year, it's all about Isaac, and our little family!

We're getting that Christmas spirit! We went out the other night and got SixBux Starbuck's (Hot Peppermint Cocoa for me!) and listened to Christmas music on the radio and cruised around looking at all the holiday lights. Isaac really enjoyed himself.

We had a dusting of snow last night, maybe a quarter inch. It was enough for me. I'm ready for spring, as usual! I will forever dream of celebrating Christmas on a beach somewhere....not sure if that'll ever happen....but a gal can dream!

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Michelle said...

I'm not sure we are going to put up our tree thus year. I'm feeling pretty cynical and bah humbug myself. I worry that all of these years longing for a child are going to turn me into a Grinch for good.

Speding Christmas at home sounds wonderful. I'm glad you get to do it this year.


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