Saying Goodbye...

I'll never forget Saturday 12/26.....we got about a foot of snow...

We strapped Isaac into his carseat and piled into my little Mini Cooper and headed out into the snowstorm to the Nissan Dealer....we'd seen a really nice 'venom red' 2010 Rogue there a couple weeks ago and really liked it.

I was really nervous as I test drove the new car, as it was snowing so hard. My tummy was in knots because the roads were so bad, and because I was really liking the way this all-wheel-drive Rogue was handling so well, despite the poor driving conditions....my tummy was achy and so was my heart, because I knew the time was coming to say goodbye.

I know--I am such a sentimental sap!!!--but I get so attached sometimes. That MINI meant so much to me. It was really tough to say goodbye. It seemed so forlorn, there in the Nissan service garage, covered in snow, as they pulled off my license plates and we gathered my belongings from it.

I kept thinking of how this little car carried me, so nervous and homesick, from my "old life" in Kentucky over the highways to my "new life" here in Chicagoland....I also remembered how it carried hubby and I the hour-plus trip to our adoption agency, multiple times, as we went through the process that led us to our precious baby boy...

Anyway...after much debate and haggling, I got the Rogue.

I've only test drove it, so far. Hubby drove it home since the weather was so horrible. It's sat in the garage since. I'm hoping for a nicer day tomorrow, and maybe I can take it out for a spin. The leather interior is sharp--black with red top stitching. It's really loaded. I know I'll enjoy how roomy it is, and how easy it will be to get Isaac in and out...I'm sure I'll really enjoy it. I so appreciate my hubby who takes such good care of us and works so hard to give us everything we need and want.

I'll always miss my Mini though....can't help it.


Mom Taxi Julie said...

Awwww poor little mini!! Enjoy your new mom car ;)

sue said...

i know it won't be "your" mini, but i predict you will have one again someday :). the rogue is so pretty! and i'm sure you will love all the space!


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