Happy New Year!

 Happy New Year Friends!

We survived the holidays! We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at home, just the three of us. We had such a relaxing, quiet holiday. We relished watching the wonder and excitement in our little boy's eyes over all the Christmas decorations, lights, and all the presents around the tree on Christmas morning. It was such a joy to share this first Christmas as a family at home together..

We did travel to Cincinnati for a quick visit with my family. We had a nice time, and did get to spend some time with our friend Tracy, who also traveled to Seoul to adopt her son at the same time as we did.

I joined a local moms group in hopes of getting out more, meeting new friends and providing Isaac with much needed social interaction. So far I've attended one workout they host at a local church. They seem really nice, and have activities almost every day of the week! We've had to sit out this week, since Isaac returned from our trip with another cold! Am hoping it passes soon, so we can get out there and get busy.

I don't believe in New Year's resolutions anymore...I feel like I set myself up for pressure and guilt when I try and falter...I'm just going to try to do the best I can to be good to myself and my family....Do you believe in making resolutions? If so, what are they?

Ok...Do you say Twenty-Ten, or Two-Thousand-Ten for this New Year? I keep hearing Twenty-Ten and I'm just not down with that. It really grates on my OCPD* nerves! lol. People justify Twenty-Ten to me by saying "You didn't say One Thousand Nine-hundred and Ninety Nine for 1999 did you? If you said 19-- then you should say 20--".... I beg to differ. We did say Nineteen for the prefix of the years prior to the Millenium. However--once the "new millenium" came--we referred to it as "The Year Two Thousand" and pronounced subsequent years Two-Thousand-One, Two-Thousand-Two, and so on....We didn't say Twenty-Zero-Zero, or Twenty-Oh-Oh, or Twenty-Oh-One. I just think Twenty-Ten is lazy and catch-phrasey...I equate it with over use of acronyms. That's my opinion....what's yours?

I am looking forward to the Lunar New Year celebration in February, observed by Koreans. Our adoptive families playgroup is having a family dinner celebration at a nearby Asian restaurant. The group mainly includes families who have adopted from China, Korea, Taiwan. but also includes families with children from a few other countries. It will be a wonderful celebration of family, culture, tradition and diversity. We're really looking forward to it.

What's new with you? Any new blogs I should check out?

*yes I finally have a name for my quirks.


Michelle said...

Love the new look!

I'm with you on the twenty-ten. It sounds lazy. Two thousand and ten is the right way to say it! :)

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Twenty ten all the way! The other way is too long.

M said...

Two thousand and ten! Twenty ten sounds catchy, but not as much when you get to twenty eleven!

Kris said...

wait. people are saying TWENTY 10?? no no no. yeah. not so down with that either.

love your hello kitty. my girl is going ape here and saying, "look mama, look!". good thing i was a huge fan before she came along :O)


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