I'm one of Those Moms....

I was driving my new mommy-mobile to the play gym today, when it hit me. Smacked me in the face. OMG - I am SO one of "those moms".

I've become one of those Moms.....Those mom-people that back in my days of being career-minded, childless and working on my degree - that I'd roll my eyes at, and think I had it all....
  • I drive an SUV...(yes, it's still sinking in)
  • I am a "kept woman".... (a stay at home mom)
  • We keep a busy schedule of weekly activities - Play gym, bible study, play dates, moms group activities, library classes....whatever gets me out of this prison cell living room.
  • I have 'that look' - the harried, fatigued mom chasing after a shrieking, giggling banshee-on the verge of the terrible twos-kid, that also delights in gagging himself to the point of vomiting - then giggles....that people look at with either sympathy or dirty looks and roll their eyes.
  • I find myself singing to get my son's attention....in public. And people think I'm insane.
  • I wear running shoes all the time now, and suddenly realize I've had the same shirt on for 3 days and there's a yogurt splotch on it that looks like...wellll, it's really gross.
  • Is wearing men's jeans like wearing mom jeans?
  • I take pictures of my boy constantly, doing just about everything - including putting clothes in the dryer, picking lint off the floor! (OCD Mom! lol)
  • A good day is when my child doesn't eat too much dog food, I don't get a black eye or fat lip from airborne toys, we've only had to change clothes twice, haven't lost a shoe, and he has a nice solid poop and gets a good nap....and I get the sweetest slobbery kiss and a big hug. Now that makes it all worthwhile....


Andie said...

I have been there....and you know what? I would give a million bucks to be there again. It was worth it ALL.
Enjoy every second. Because it goes by TOO fast, and then they are teenagers and have boyfriends and cell phones and homework and ignore you...and sniff...excuse me while I cry a little!

Love ya!

Apple said...

LOL...so you became (almost) exactly what you wanted to be?!? A mommy!!! :)

Retro Girl said...

Andie, Apple...Yep and I love it! LOL I just have to make fun/light of myself because I never thought I'd be a mom....and here I am! Finally...I guess better late than never...I wouldn't trade this precious boy for anything!!!!

K.Jones said...


marion said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



M said...

I used to roll my eyes when people would tell me every single thing their child did, not matter how insignificant it seemed. Then I had Ned and I told everyone what he did from the time that he woke up to the time that he went to sleep, including how many dirty diapers I changed, what the poop looked like and how cute it was when he peed all over his dad when he was being changed. I became THAT MOM!

Celeste and Tom said...

This was refreshing. I have become one of those "working Moms" who leaves to attend parties at preschool;leaves to take her sick kiddoo home to Dad; who thinks everything my son said is almost genius and who is now constantly late due to a very SLOW toddler. It is definitely worth it all.


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