Reflections and Hope

Having a few minutes to myself, yet lacking in blog material....I went in search of writing prompts for bloggers....I came across this site - Morning Coffee Confessions and a post with this writing prompt from the site The One-Minute Writer. Thought I'd give it a go....

In 20 Words - Recap 2009
In 10 Words - Write About Your Hopes for 2010


Metamorphosis - Lost Weight - Quit Job - Journey to Korea - Became Mama - Self Discovery -Amazed* - Spirituality - Growing - Learning - Isolation - Friendship - Goodbye MINI

*amazed by our precious smart sweet boy every day...and at Mr. Hottie as a husband and father - he is truly incredible. I am so so so BLESSED!


Healthy - Happy - Social - Friendship - Employment? - Spiritual Growth - Good Parenting - Fun

Post your 2009 Reflections and 2010 Hopes on your blog....Leave me a comment with a link back to your post. Would love to see your thoughts...

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AngC said...

I did my list! http://angc-littlebitsofme.blogspot.com/2010/01/looking-forward-looking-back.html


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