Hot and Cold Chucks....

Well, well....Woodstock Willie didn't see his shadow this morning so we are supposed to get an early spring. His rival, Punxsutawney Phil however, says 6 more weeks of winter. (I think it's all the same...6 more weeks until spring, 6 more weeks of winter...whatever!) We got 3-4 inches of snow today, and it's supposed to snow all weekend this week...so I'm not looking for spring anytime soon. Brrrrr!

I've been staying occupied selling stuff on Ebay again. I just sold a bunch of Isaac's outgrown clothes and made almost $60. That isn't too bad! I'm just gonna keep selling from our garage sale pile, and whatever I can since the job options here in The Stickburbs are pretty slim pickins right now...I told Mr. Hottie he better watch his stuff...it could wind up missing! hehe!

I've decided to sacrifice a pair of rockin' Chucks from my collection. I guess it's time to grow up...My days as Mr. Hottie's DJ Groupie are over. I'll stick with the plain pink or red chucks for now...

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