The Monday Poo-Pourri

Monday Poo Pourri

Little bit of this....little bit of that...kinda crap
For the odds and ends, the random musings, stuff that fits nowhere but the junk drawer of life - it's the Monday Poo-Pourri.  

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  • Cootie Catcher - Yup that's me! I'm on my 5th cold/virus since Isaac came home April 2009. I've been sick more in the last 10 months than I did during the years I was a smoker! Kids are super cute - but they're germy! lol
  • Funny Valentine - More like blehh valentine! With the bug sweeping thru the family, it wasn't an especially romantic or fun V-day. Cards, Mediocre dinner with flying food and a cranky toddler. Hey I did get some chocolate & a Sbux card!
  • Korean Lunar New Year - Went to a "party" at an "international buffet" with other adoptive families to celebrate the Lunar New Year. It wasn't at all what we envisioned. The company was lovely. Food, service, restaurant, Korean focused event - not so much.
  • Reviews & Giveaways - Look for the BookSneeze button on my sidebar. Going to start doing some book reviews, and perhaps some Blog Giveaways of books, and other stuff - so stay tuned! *I am looking to possibly start reviewing products on my blog - family (mom, kid, dog) items, food, health/beauty items, etc - so if you have a product you want me to review - please email me at Retrogirl66 at Gmail Dot Com!
  • Meal Planning - I've gotta get back to doing meal plans. It really helps us cut back on food waste, grocery costs, and saves so much time and aggravation. Check out this site -  Make Dinner Easy - Crystal offers menus, recipes, shopping lists -it's awesome!
  • Toddler Snacks - Isaac has been sick for the last week with a nasty cold/virus. He had a fever for 5 days and barely ate. Fortunately antibiotics are kicking the bug for him now, and he's starting to eat again. I'm trying to feed him some healthy high calorie snacks to get him robust & healthy again. I've been researching and find that the best thing is to make smoothies with yogurt & fruit or yogurt & natural peanut butter (you can stir in wheat germ and/or flaxseed, pureed sweet potatoes, avacadoes, instant breakfast drink powder), whole grain cereal bars, string cheese, dried fruits (if your toddler can chew without choking), whole wheat pretzels & crackers with cream cheese.
  • Job - I am still considering going back to work. Job market still isn't too great way out in the stickburbs where we live. We are not in dire need, but I'd like the challenge, and the paycheck...so I'm still looking...and looking...

What's going on in your world this week? What's on your mind? Comment and leave a link back to your take on the Monday Poo-Pourri

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Stephanie said...

Get well soon! I hope you and your little boy are rested up and recovered in no time. :)



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