Sign says Drive Through....not Drive IN

Took Isaac to a Valentines party today with the moms group. He had such a great time! They decorated bags, made foam heart valentines, got "tattoos", had snacks, played games, and ran till their legs fell off...well, almost. We had a great time and I met some really nice people. I am so glad I'm pushing out of this shell and getting out and doing things, and meeting people.

Isaac and I went to lunch afterward to a fast food place with another mom. She is so nice - I feel like I made a friend connection today.

While we were eating, an elderly gentleman drove his car into the side of the building! He didn't come through the wall, but hit the building so hard, there was a huge BOOM and the light fixtures fell out of the ceiling and hung by their wires. The building shook! We were sorta stunned! We were outside on that sidewalk just minutes before, where his car now rest. Thank God no one was hurt - the driver, or passenger, customers or any pedestrians. The old fellow tried to leave the scene, but the manager made him stay until the police arrived. That was a little weird. (No license? No Insurance? Just scared? I overheard someone say they knew him and he'd hit a business once before!) I didn't get to see when we left, but I think the building had cracks because the police and manager were taking pictures, pointing and looking at the bricks.....It was just weird! I just keep hearing that sound in my head and see the lights flickering/dropping down like airplane oxygen masks....

Um...the sign said Drive Through....not Drive In...(or upon on the sidewalk, or Please feel free to knock out our lights! and scare small children! lol...just kidding. I'm glad the old guy is okay. Just hope he's not driving near me & my precious boy or my new mommy mobile anytime again soon!!)


Mom Taxi Julie said...

Uh yeah that sounds a wee bit scary!!

Michelle said...

Thank God no one was hurt. How scary!


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