Sunshine Award

Well, I was pleasantly surprised today to find a sweet little award from The SAHM Project in my mailbox. What a day brightener on this cold winter day! How sweet of her to think of me!

She asked that I pay it forward. It's late, I multi-multi-tasked all day...I'm so tired & getting a bit loopy...So to avoid an incoherent post, lol, I am going to give it to a couple people who are special rays of sunshine in the lives of children.

It's hard to pick 12 people, so I am saying to all of you - Everyone who wishes to please take this award and pay it forward!

OurPromisedSon  (Visit her - Consider buying her cakes to benefit adoption!)

I'm Still Standing - She's inspiring!


shelley said...

awwww thank you so much for this sweet award! you made me smile through my achy muscles! lol... i hope you'll continue to follow my "journey." hope you have a great saturday and stay away from those mike and ikes! even though they are soooo fruity!! love the cherry! ;)

Tracy said...

Ang.. you are one of my favorite people! Thank you so much. You are doing so much to help us bring little Emmi Faith home to her family.

BG "totally my real name" said...

Congrats what a nice surprise!


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