Ten on Tuesday: Movies

The last theme at 10 on Tuesday was Movies you've seen recently...
(Looks like they've not done one in awhile...oh well, I'm a blogger-come-lately myself at times now that I'm a busy mama!)

Now that we're parents, it's rare that we get to the movie theater (and OMG do I miss it sometimes!)....but we did join Netflix and have been watching a movie every week...So here are 10 that we've seen recently (in no particular order):

  1. All About Steve
  2. Martian Child
  3. Angels & Demons
  4. The Number 23
  5. I Love You Man
  6. Knowing
  7. Fast & Furious (Oh Vin Diesel! That voice!)
  8. Under The Tuscan Sun -- (watched when hubby was out of town. LOVED it!)
  9. Ghosts of Girlfriends Past (A good Matthew Fix! Is it hot in here?! lol)
  10. Fireproof (I think all couples should see this!)

We're lovin' Netflix for the most part. They really do need to make more recent films available for the instant download - where you can see them on your Blu-Ray DVD player. I love being able to put movies that are out in the theater in the Queue and as soon as they are available we can see them! How cool is that?

What have you seen lately? Anything good?

1 comment:

Stephanie said...

I haven't seen a movie in ages! I think the last movie I saw was about 6 months ago...and I can't recall what it was. ;)

I guess that's what life is like with small children. Full-length features will have to wait.



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