Thursday 13: Tried & True Beauty Faves!

After so much trial and error - testing and tossing of different brands and colors - here are 13 Items from my makeup bag that I can't do without! (click the item for link to more info!)

  1. Ulta Mineral Blush in Camellia
  2. Ulta Pressed Powder compact - light/medium
  3. Dermablend - Smooth Indulgence foundation - Sand beige
  4. My Spots Are Concealed cover stick
  5. Two Faced - Shadow Insurance***
  6. Revlon eyelash curler
  7. Sephora Colorful Palette for green eyes
  8. Sephora Professional foundation brush
  9. L'Oreal - Brow Stylist brow pencil - med. brown
  10. Covergirl - Professional Remarkable washable waterproof Mascara - Brown/Black
  11. Ulta cosmetic brushes (eyeshadow, blush/powder brush)*
  12. Ulta Eyeshadow Quad - in: Naked, Truffle, Seashell, Mink*
  13. Ulta Contour Eye/Lip Liner pencil in Plumrose* (I use as a lip stain, seal with Avon lip balm!)
*Items were in a free-with-purchase gift cosmetic bag. No longer shown on Ulta website. Full size 'samples'. They are from Ulta's own line and are fine quality! Love their products!!

*** Two-Faced Shadow Insurance is one of my FAVE products!!! It lasts a lonnng time - as you only have to use a very small amount. It smooths on so silky and light. It makes your eye shadow super blendable and long lasting, crease and fade free. You don't have to use as much eyeshadow - so to me, this product saves you money and time! It makes any eye shadow look FABULOUS! You will LOVE it!


~J said...

Totally agreed! And believe it or not...ELF's total face brush and eyeshadow brush are AMAZING...yes, the cheap $1 ones..try them..you'll be stunned!

I am Harriet said...

I'm with ya on the eyelash curler. I'm into Avon mascara- easy clean-up.


Willa said...

I seriously envy a girl like you who knows her way in using make-up.the only thing you can find in my bag is a lip balm and a little bottle of perfume (if that counts).

***Using and learning WordPress takes a lot of time and yes, Trial and Error is my best friend. It is also good if you have a reliable hosting company that have a backup of everything just in case you messed up. Take it from my experienced. :)
and thanks to your compliment about my blog,I appreciate it. :)

lovesmukiwa said...

I dont even have a makeup bag!

Retro Girl said...

Hi all! Thanks for the visits!

I hafta have my Cover Girl Mascara--the only one I can wear with sensitive eyes/contacts that I can wash off with soap!

I have to confess my mom was a hair stylist for many many years--so I grew up experimenting with tons of make up and hair products. She made me addicted to the stuff I think LOL.

LuvsMukiwa--my bag is from Target..lol. Heck for years I used a lunchbox to hold it in! heheh.

Nessa said...

I use ChapStick. I know. Pathetic.

RnPB Chapter 012

Retro Girl said...

Nessa--I love lip balm! I have a bunch of those too--chapstick brand, avon, bonnie bell flavored ones! One of my faves is Cinnabon flavored! or Philosophy's Marshmallow lip gloss/balm! OMG! It's yummy!

Stacey said...

I use that same mascara! Lurve it :) I might have to look into the Sephora colorful palette...I'm in need of a change ;)

Love your blog!

Andie said...

I love your list! Think I might do one myself ;)

Jen said...

I have chapstick, mascara and dry liner in my bag - that is all!! I am a loser and I need to up the supply!! NOw if you want to talk electronics.... :)


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