Thursday 13

Since I'm on meme kick lately, thought I'd give the Thursday Thirteen a try...

Seeing that it's Valentine's week...thought I'd give 13 Hints for Men on some things the beautiful woman in your life might appreciate on this special day...the ol' heart shaped box of candy, roses, and cutsie stuff may work for some, but these things are becoming kinda generic...they're getting old. For all that she does for you, and is to you, take some time to be a little more creative and give a bit of yourself back to her.

I know this is a little close to Valentines Day, but better late than never. I know many of you tend to wait till the last minute :) Hey, you'll be well prepared for next year, right?!
Here Goes....
  1. A poem. It doesn't have to be some prolific masterpiece...make it short, sweet and from the heart. Be sneaky--tuck it in her purse...her car...in her shoe...in her coffee mug...somewhere she'll never think a little surprise would turn up.
  2. A memory. If you can't come up with a poem...write out a memory of a special time you shared together. If you can, attach a related photo. Tell her what was in your heart at that time, and why it was so special.
  3. Mystery date. Take the time & initiative to make all the arrangements. Blindfold her and take her out. It doesn't have to be expensive...let her smell or taste something related to where you're taking her. Give her some difficult hints. Use your imagination.
  4. Cook for her. It doesn't have to be expensive or complicated. It can even be a romantic indoor picnic. Just do all the work and let her enjoy the food and you.
  5. Handmade Coupons. Yes those store bought love coupons are a little sappy. So, make your own! Reference private jokes, favorite songs, whatever you like. Make some blanks. Let her decide!
  6. Massage. Buy some scented massage oil and treat your special lady to a nice rubdown with soft music and a candle. All women love a massage!
  7. Handsome Housekeeper. Ask any woman...nothin' sexier than a man who cleans! Surprise her or let her watch you dusting, vacuuming, tidying.
  8. Chauffeur. Offer to chauffeur her and her gal pals around shopping and for lunch...or be the designated driver for a ladies night on the town. Wear something nice. Be polite. Open doors. Treat them like the princesses they are!
  9. 14 Days. Start on February 1st and work your way to the 14th - doing little things each day. Love notes, conversation hearts, coffee waiting in the morning..warm up her car...heat her bath towel in the dryer....leave her a sweet voicemail...It's the little things that count!
  10. Try it Her Way. Try something she likes. Attend a movie of her choice, a class she's wanted to try, try her hobby, or something she chooses for the two of you.
  11. Mix Cd or Playlist. Make her a playlist of songs that remind you of her or memories you've created together. Leave it in her car or on her MP3 player with a little love note.
  12. Photo Slide Show. Find a handful of photos of the two of you and scan them and have a slide show DVD made, with your song. 
  13. The Love Jar. Silly? Maybe - but it shows you care! Write out all the things you love about her - no matter how incidental...Put them in a jar, with a red ribbon tied around it - and tell her to look at one each day.
So why not? So what if these ideas seem corny? Use your imagination. Make time to take time for her. She will know how much you truly care, and it will mean so much that you made an effort to do something fun and special just for her. Maybe she'll be inspired to do something really creative and special for you too!

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