Twenty Ten

No, not the current year.
Twenty - Ten has a more special meaning to me, right now.

Isaac will be 20 months old in a couple days, and has been home 10 months now.

I can hardly believe it. I won't be able to call him 'my baby' for much longer. He's growing so fast and the time is really flying by.

Soon we'll be celebrating Family Day in April - the day we became a forever family.
Then before we catch our breath, his 2nd birthday will be here in June.

Makes me realize I have to stop and treasure every little special moment with him before he's too big for Mommy's "10,000 kisses" and cuddly hugs.

I wish I could bottle up those sweet baby kisses and that sweet baby scent and save it for when he's older and "too big for that mushy stuff"....

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K.Jones said...

I know how you feel tomorrow my "baby" will be 3 years old!!! AGHHHH someone slow this ride down!! I am feeling sadness and joy all at the same time this post has really brought tears to my eyes.


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