Cleaning up Post Labels in Blogger

My blog and I are in the process of metamorphosis, as I attempt to enter into the world of Mommy Blogging. I have a blog designer working behind the scenes on a template for my blog that is a bit more streamlined, and he is teaching me a few tricks and tips along the way.

One thing I've been working on as part of the pre-conversion changes is cleaning up my post labels. I didn't realize how many labels I was creating and slinging around until recently. I think I had something like 60 labels?! Sheesh. I was advised to pick some high level general category labels and dump all the labels that were basically clutter. For example - have 5 - 10 general categories. Something like:
  • Giveaways
  • Reviews
  • Freebies
  • Motherhood
  • Life
  • Recipes
  • Humor
It makes it much easier for readers to navigate by a brief list of post label categories than one that is a mile long. If readers are only visiting your blog for your giveaways, or reviews - they can go right to them quickly. If your friends don't give a hoot about all the mom-blogger stuff and want to keep up with you personally, they can get straight to your journal-type posts. The easier you make your blog to navigate, the more readers will enjoy visiting.

(This Info is Per Blogger's help site - with my notes added in)

Go into Blogger Dashboard, under the Edit Posts page.  (Before I removed unwanted labels, I clicked on Label Actions and New Label - and added the new ones I wanted, so they were in the list)

1. Click on the unwanted label in the left column.

2. All posts of that label only will then appear in the list.

3. Check those posts. You can click All. (or the individual posts you want to work on)

4. Open Label Actions by clicking the down arrow. (Here's where I clicked "Apply Label - and put the new label I wanted on these posts)

5. Go down the list to Remove Label.
6. The label you wish to remove should be listed beneath Remove Label (Now I removed the old Label I wanted to get rid of. Do these one at a time - by working from the Label list on the left - and doing this for each one you want to replace/remove)

7. If so, click Remove Label and it's gone from the selected post(s)
Hope this is helpful to you. You can find more in-depth info & screen shots on Blogger's help site HERE

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