Earth Hour - Take Time to Make a Difference!

Join millions of people and businesses around the globe at 8:30pm tonight and turn all of your lights off for one hour. Celebrate our earth, Conserve and Save Energy! Show your concern for climate change by turning out the lights on dirty air, dangerous dependency on foreign oil and costly climate change impacts! Join the movement.

Find out more HERE and Here  and get your Toolkit so you can help make a bigger impact!  Flip the Switch with EarthHour's Virtual LightSwitch

What will you do for one hour - unplugged, quiet and in the dark?
  • Have an Earth Hour party with family, friends and neighbors
  • Build a fire in the fireplace or outdoors and roast marshmallows!
  • Use the time for family discussion about changes you can make to honor the Earth
  • Take a walk, Look at the Stars, Listen to the Peacefulness.
  • Have an "Un-Plugged" Concert - Sing, play accoustic guitar, piano, dance
  • Enjoy a Candle lit dinner or relaxing candle lit bath
  • Spend some time in quiet meditation, prayer and grattitude

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