Elmo: Big Enough for a Bed! (Review)

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We couldn't have found this book at a more appropriate time! My little guy who is 21 months old just moved from his crib to a big-boy bed in the last week. He's quite an active little climber. Once he figured out how to get out of his crib, that was it! There now is no containing him in a crib or pack-n-play, whatsoever! It's been a week of ups and downs as we all adjust to this new stage and Isaac adjusts to his new bed (and freedom in his room! Yikes!)

Isaac loves Elmo and is very engaged by the bright colorful pictures in this little board book. The writing style is perfect and simply worded so that a toddler can easily understand and relate. It starts out "Elmo slept in a crib when he was a baby, but now he's ready for a big kid's bed". The book shows Elmo helping pick out sheets for the new bed, and then taking his favorite blankie and doll David to bed to keep him company. The story explains "Elmo knows that sleeping in his big kid bed will feel different than sleeping in his crib" and seems to be reassuring and encouraging that it's okay to feel a little nervous, but everything will be okay. We've read it a few nights in a row, and Isaac really seems to enjoy it, and is settling into his new bedtime routine. This is both an entertaining bedtime story book, as well as a simple instructional tool that all parents can use with toddlers who are making the transistion to a big kid bed. I give it an A+ all around!

Thanks Elmo! Next I'd like to get "Too Big for Diapers"....

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