Happy First Day of Spring!

Um....Mother Nature forgot to take her Midol, again!! Hello, it's the first day of spring!!
She must've not gotten that memo?!

view from my kitchen doors, at 8am this morning....(ugh!)

So, Isaac and I declared it a lazy PJs day. We started off with Apple Cinnamon Pancakes.

The roads are totally fine, there's just a dusting on the grass and it's melting away. It's going to reach 39* today and be in the 48-50's range tomorrow and the rest of the week. Mother Nature must be bipolar!!

My parents were supposed to come today and stay for a few days. They were scared to drive in the weather so they backed out at the last minute. They "might" come tomorrow. The roads are just damp...it's been 65-70* the last week, way too warm for any driving problems, but they are just too worried. Never mind hubby and I can kennel the dog, and drive in any kind of weather to come visit them 4-5x a year. I wouldn't be surprised if they decide to not even come. My father looks for whatever excuse he can find to avoid coming to visit....Way to make a daughter feel really loved....

Maybe I need the Midol?!

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