I bet Ellen's life isn't this glamorous!

Someone told me the other day I remind them of Ellen. I love Ellen!! But, Um, Okay. Huh?  I don't have blonde hair. Although I wish I were, I'm not tall and lanky. I don't have blue eyes. I'm sorta funny. I am only a marginal dancer....and well, it's obvious.....I'm not a talkshow host! Or a, you know....judge on American Idol! Heheh. The friend told me this because she said I tend to babble on and meander sometimes and take the long way around to get to the point. Sometimes it's nice to take the long way around, explore a bit. Stop and have lunch. Don'tcha think? Anyway I think she meant it as a compliment, or at least I'm going to take it that way. Whatever. Why is all this relevant at all you ask? Well, because it's the nature of my post today. It's been one of those weeks and it's just going to be one of those posts.

I came down with a nasty stomach flu this week. Figures. When we finally get sun and almost 40* temps! Yeah, so everything has almost come to a screeching halt. If I couldn't do it from the couch, with my Blackberry, it wasn't getting done! I've been in PJ's all week and have looked and felt  like a dead stick girl  like hell. (See Exhibit A below) MH (=Mr. Hottie, My Hubby) couldn't work from home this week, so he's been coming home for lunch and doing what he can to help...which, I am so thankful for.

 (Exhibit A. Poor RetroGirl.) My actual living room. Ok BT (before Toys)
C) 2010 Retrogirl Photography

Ahhh sweet little Isaac. He comes over to the couch, and looks at me with those beautiful dark eyes, and gives me this sweet little look...then he scrambles up onto the arm of the couch and jumps in the air and all 26 lbs lands on my intestines with a giggle, as if to say poor mama, I know you feel bad, I love you! Ooomph! My heart (and stomach) overflows!

I've lost 5 lbs in just a few days from not being able to eat. It's amazing when you're sick and starving, how much you notice food on TV and in everything you read, see and hear! It made me realize how much of a love affair Americans really have with food. (and a lot of it unhealthy!) If I'm not dehydrated from this flu---I'm dehydrated from Drooling over all the food I can't eat right now! Oh and...If y'all know me, you know how much I love Paula Deen...but I about  hurled spit water thru my nose when I saw her putting a chunk of butter into her spaghetti and meatsauce on Tv! LOL. Oh. My. Land!

I've been trying to feel coherent enough to read a book that I'm going to be reviewing from Booksneeze. So far I've gotten 3 chapters read. I have kept up with my Telenav Giveaway thanks to my Blackberry and Twitter.  We have managed to keep Isaac on track, using the big boy potty! Yes, at 20 months old, he has been going "pee-pee-ah" on the potty for almost 3 weeks now! No #2 action yet (I know, TMI!) but we're not pushing that...all in due time.  So the week hasn't been a total loss I guess. I've kept down some bread today...and the room has stopped spinning for the most part. I think I might let hubby take me on a hot date to Panera bread (broth & bread for me! woohoo) just to get out of the house.

How has your week been?

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Mom Taxi Julie said...

Being sick sucks! I hope you feel better! I have to admit I did a little giggle to myself with your flying monkey!


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