You Get What You Pay For....

I love my husband. I really do. I also love finding bargains and saving money. However, sometimes being cheap doesn't pay. Sometimes you literally get what you pay for

Our son is 21 months old, and isn't ready for a regular cup yet. He just doesn't get the concept and ends up wearing more than he swallows. So, we're still using sippy cups. My dear hubby, being the cheapo frugal dude that he is, decided he didn't want to spend $5-6 for one kids cup. So, for about $1.98 each - he chose instead, a couple Nuby 9 ounce No-spill cups during a recent trip to "Wally's".

The cups are transparent plastic, in bright cheerful colors. They have flow valves that can be flipped to allow liquid to flow either slow or fast. The sticker on bottom said BPA free.

I do like the hard spout - as we have had other soft spout sippy cups that leaked and inverted, and that our son chewed chunks out of. However, the construction of this cup is not well designed. The threads on the cup and the lid do not match well - and it will not screw on properly. Sometimes, after about 4-5 tries, I can get it closed tightly and the cup won't leak. More often than not, the threads do not line up and the cup does leak....or I get aggravated and end up pouring the contents into another (more expensive) sippy cup and tossing the Nuby in the sink!  I also don't like that the flow valve doesn't stay put. It falls off inside the cup constantly and has to be fished out with a fork or spoon and reattached. What busy mom has time to struggle with something like this when you have a thirsty toddler, or are on the go? Not me!

Sorry Nuby, I give this product a big Thumbs Down.
For the cost of 2 Nuby Cups - we could've had one quality cup. Next time, maybe we'll remember - You Get What You Pay For....at least we're keeping the recycling center folks employed...cuz that's where these Nubys are going....

Review based upon a personal purchase, and personal experience only. No compensation or sponsorship of any kind were received.

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Celeste and Tom said...

I agree with you these are CRAPPY! I had bought 2 of these and one the cup cracked and the other the stopper always falls out easily when the sippy cup is thrown to the floor. I also do not like the Nuby wide ones with the softer drink opening. Doyle kept putting his fingers through it and then all the liquid came right out.


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