Easter...with a Multi-Cultural Twist...

We spent a wonderful weekend visiting my family for Easter and to celebrate our first "Family Day" -- the anniversary of the day we took custody of our son in Seoul, Korea and traveled home as a family to the U.S.A. Some adoptive families like to use the term "Gotcha Day", but we prefer to call it "Family Day" which celebrates how we were all blessed to come together as a family.

We had a cake to celebrate, in an Elmo/Big Bird theme--since our little guy is a huge Sesame Street fan. I inserted three flags - one to represent each of us - because we are happy and proud to celebrate being a multi-cultural family.

He really enjoyed his first Easter egg hunt at Grandma & Papaw's house. He was so tickled over finding so many eggs!

My whole family descended upon my brother's house and had a wonderful feast of American and Korean food that included my SIL's juicy Ham, and her famous "Asian" coleslaw, several veggies and fruit salads, my sister's southern hashbrown casserole, Mandoo (Korean veggie dumplings), Bulgogi (grilled marinated beef) w/rice, a few Korean snacks/cookies and the Family Day cake. (I was a bad girl---I neglected to make the Canadian Nanaimo bars this time!!). Everyone enjoyed eating with both chopsticks and forks, and pretty much blew our diets. I think I just gained 5 lbs just writing about it!

It was so great seeing everyone, in one place, enjoying the food, the nice weather and some laughter. My SIL's sister "Aunt L." sent a big Tonka truck over for Isaac and SIL filled it with lots of toys, books & easter goodies. It was so sweet. I was blown away to find that Aunt L. included something special for me too - something that really touched my heart.  She hunted & found a paper mache Easter egg in an antique store that was made in Korea in the 1950's. What a special thing for me and my little boy to share...something so thoughtful and from the heart. A blend of my love for all things 1950's vintage and for the birthplace of my precious son.

It was hard to say goodbye to my family and head for home. Especially when our sweet boy kept reaching out and whining "Papaw..Papaw!" It was a teary goodbye.

How was your Easter? Any special celebrations or new traditions?

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