Healthy Snacks for Toddlers - Grab it Go, Kid!

I love this video for GoGoSqueez! When I saw it I had to chuckle -- it reminds me so much of our 22 month old little monkey boy! He is always on the go, and never seems to want to stop! He loves running, chasing our dog, playing trucks, going to the park to climb, play and swing for hours. He never wants to leave! The little ones in this video made me giggle - wouldn't this be lovely---get the little guy to eat something yummy & healthy while he's on the move!

I have been trying to give Isaac healthy snacks that provide fuel for his growing body since he is so active. That can be tricky though because he's constantly going! We tend to keep a full schedule sometimes between play-gym classes, play dates, our library class, my bible study class - where he goes to "Kids Club" and our park outings. Sometimes he will eat whole grain crackers or my energy snack balls on the way - but they make such a mess in the car. He is teething still too, and sometimes he is so picky about snacks because his gums are sore. When I can get him to sit still - I like to give him snacks such as yogurt & fruit smoothies in his sippy cups, or soft cheese cubes. But in the car--not so much...They can be messy and I don't like the smell of sour milk or to find oldy moldy cheese under the seat. Ugh!). For those who know me or read my blog--you know I don't do bananas, so they're out! Other fruits are fine, at the kitchen table but are too messy for a toddler in the car or on the go.

I love the portability of GoGoSqueez - the packets look easy for little chubby hands to hang onto, and easy to eat with the built-in straw. The cap is even re-sealable!  Isaac loves stuff that he can do by himself, and loves drinking with a straw. He likes the novelty of things like this, and I love that it gets him to eat them! I like that it's all natural applesauce with no artificial flavors or colors - something I can feel good about giving my little guy. Isaac loves applesauce anyway so GoGoSqueez would make life easy, and make us both happy!

What are your healthy snack ideas for a toddler who is constantly on the go? Any tips or tricks you care to share?

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