Surviving a Road Trip with Your Toddler

Taking a road trip with your toddler can be a fun, economical way to travel. It can also be a choredeal  (Chore+Ordeal=choredeal) unless you are well prepared. It will save you time, headaches, and money (keep you from buying forgotten items along the road) as well as ensure that your little one has a positive and fun travel experience.

If you know anything about me, you know that I'm a bit OCD about organization, planning, and lists. I made a packing list that I print and follow every time we travel. It helps me keep from losing my mind  remember everything and when we're rushing out the door at the crack of dawn - my hubby can refer to it as he's packing it all in the car. (He is the Pack Master. He fits the massive pile of crap  all our gear into the back of his S.U.V. like intricate puzzle pieces. He's a rockstar!)

Feel free to check out & print my Toddler Packing List  HERE . It's just a list of our basic necessities. You may wish to add other items to your list. If you have any ideas/suggestions - please let me know!

Some tips for making the trip a positive one for your kiddo:
  • Bring some upbeat toddler CDs and sing along!
  • Bring the fave blankie & lovey that your child sleeps with and maintain the same naptime rituals such as reading a fave book.
  • Pack a bag of snacks, paper towels & a change of clothes and keep close at hand.
  • Bring a small cooler with juice, water & milk.
  • If you're on a long trip, stop often and let your toddler get some exercise.
  • Have a goodie bag next to the carseat with books & some new toys or ones you've had out of rotation for awhile.
  • Bring child's fave DVDs & player if available.
  • Simple games for Toddlers - Animal Noises, Puppet Show, Treasure Bottle*, Alphabet games (name what you see along the road), Count Cars by color, Finger Play songs like Itsy Bitsy Spider.
(*Treasure bottle -- Take a 32 oz water bottle and fill 2/3 full with white rice, and put items like a penny, washer, nut, bolt, bead, macaroni, lego, button, safety pin, paper clip, eraser, and any other very small game pieces, etc. Glue the lid on securely with super-glue. Let child roll the bottle around to find the hidden treasures!)

*Copyright 2010. Retrogirl. AMF.

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Erin said...

I love the treasure bottle idea! And thank goodness for the dvd player...our minivan has one and we have a portable one for airplane trips...


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