Covergirl/Olay Simply Ageless Products

I am a BzzAgent and received the Covergirl/Olay Simply Ageless Collection  free of charge in exchange for my honest opinions and participation in this Bzzcampaign. The collection includes a Foundation, Corrector, Concealer and a Blush.
Corrector & Concealer
The Corrector and Concealer each retail for about $10.00. I thought that sounded pricey at first, until I tried it! I'm really impressed with these 2 products in this line!

This Corrector is for dark under eye circles - The yellow tones in this cream offset bluish tones and darkness in your skin. You use this product first, then your Concealer and Foundation.

I suffer from Melasma (spots on the face from hormones and sun damage that are very hard to cover and correct). I used this product under my eyes at first and liked the effect---it gave my eye area a lighter, brighter appearance. Next, I tried it on my cheeks - where the melasma spots are and it neutralized them perfectly. I then applied the Covergirl/Olay Simply Ageless Concealer over that, and a light coat of foundation and my spots are almost invisible! My complexion looks brighter, more even!
I like the way that this Corrector goes on smoothly--it is creamy and silky, blends well, and does not feel heavy or greasy on the skin at all. I did let it 'set' for a minute before applying the concealer. It seems to last almost all day, too, and washes off easily with mild cleanser or soap & water. (No special makeup remover required). I did not feel like my pores were clogged, nor have I experienced any breakouts from this product. Have been very satisfied.

I think the Olay moisturizer in this product really makes it feel like you would expect a high-end brand to feel and perform. I think Covergirl and Olay together make a great product! Would love to see this line expand and would definitely recommend it to anyone!  I do sort of wish Covergirl/Olay could develop a Concealer that had corrector already in it - so I didn't have to buy and use 2 separate products.
Foundation & Blush
I was also sent the Simply Ageless Foundation and Cream Blush. The Foundation retails for about $14 and the blush about $11.00
Unfortunately they sent me a foundation that was about 4 shades too dark (their supply of lighter colors ran out for this particular BzzCampaign I was told). I tried the Foundation at home, just to get an idea of how well it blends, feels, lasts and I really liked it as well - I have it on my shopping list to buy in the correct shade as soon as I run out of my current foundation!  I wasn't so crazy about the Blush, however. The color I received was Lush Berry, which is a bit bright pink for my skin/hair.  The main reason I wasn't crazy about it though was that it didn't apply well for me. I tried to apply it with the enclosed applicator sponge first, then I even tried using a foundation brush with very little on the brush and very light strokes. Either way, it makes the already-applied foundation and concealer wet again and start to smear around, and just doesn't blend well or look good. 
I don't think I personally would spend the money on the blush...but would definitely buy and recommend the corrector, concealer and foundation. The packaging is a bit difficult to open. I noticed a few other reviewers on Covergirl's website had this problem as well, so I am hoping the company improves the containers.

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Cooking_With_Ginger said...

It's nice to find a fellow BzzAgent. :) I tried this foundation because of BzzAgent. I know the line is geared toward older women, but I found I really enjoyed this. I've been searching for a foundation for a while and tried them all: mineral, liquid and cream. I like this one the best. It goes on smooth and light. I only apply a thin layer and it makes it through all day. The only negative thing I can say about it is the packaging. It's such a pain to get open the first time.


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