Day 3...The Adventure Continues...

Today is Day 3 of my new adventure as RetroGirl: Working Mom.
Here's the highlights so far:

Sinus infection hits late on day 1. Sore throat, head so stuffed I'm deaf in left ear.
Really like the building, the company and coworkers. Only disconnected 1 person on the phones.

Day 2 - Job going well. Sinus infection gets worse. Still can't hear out of left ear. Tired from waking at 1, 3 and 5am. Visited company clinic. The PA looks like Matthew McKindaHot with buzz haircut. (Funny thermometer says no fever?! heheh). Daycare calls at 5pm as I'm leaving work to tell me my son has been bitten but he's okay. Feeling guilty and so sad for him, I sob the whole way there to pick him up. He points to the bite mark on his arm all evening and says sadly "my boo boo", which breaks my heart and makes me feel even more guilty.

Day 3 - Still deaf in one ear. If I turn my head so you're on the left...take a hint. Only disconnected 3 calls in error today. Oops! Still liking the job. Hubby returns home from traveling. Son is almost bitten again today - but teacher intercepts and stops it this time. I still feel like a dog.

Still wondering how working moms do it all. Only 3 days in and I'm feeling the pang of missing the freedom of being a SAHM. Despite feeling so rushed, my poor baby being stalked by Jaws, and missing our activities with our other SAHM/kid friends...I know this is good for all of us. I just have to keep reminding myself of the benefits.....

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Mom Taxi Julie said...

It sure is hard isn't it!!


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