Google/Blogger Issue - Comments in Limbo!

**** Update~! Wed. 5/5/2010 - Happy Cinco De Mayo!! I checked and over at the new domain -- http://www.retrogirl.net/ -- Google Followers/Friend Connect is showing up and comments are starting to appear....so am crossing my fingers - that when Google/Blogger finishes the transition - all will move!

I am in the process of converting my blog from a blogger address to my own domain name - which will be http://www.retrogirl.net/  and updating my blog template.  Stay tuned for the new and improved Retro Girl: Surviving The Suburbs!

It has been brought to my attention that Google/Blogger has an issue that causes ALL of your post comments to be wiped out!!! - but in most cases - they supposedly eventually re-appear in a few weeks! (Weeks?!!)

Readers & Followers: I felt it necessary to make this post--to reassure my readers that every single comment was so greatly appreciated and I am praying they show back up once this conversion is complete! I value your readership, your time, your participation, friendship and following!!

To companies/Giveaway sponsors - I have records of the comments for the giveaways--as I saved them to a document in order to facilitate the random selection by comment number. I worked very hard for every comment and to spread word of mouth advertising for your company/product through Twitter, Facebook and many many social networking sites and blogs! I am just sick that these comments are not visible due to a problem at Google/Blogger. Here is a link to show others are having this same issue BLOGGER MISSING COMMENTS PROBLEM 

I am not giving up...Will stay on top of this and keep everyone updated on the status of my conversion. Google/Blogger advises that the URL Domain transformation should take 3 days tops, and readers will be re-directed to the new domain www.retrogirl.net

Please bear with me. I appreciate your continued following and support!

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Susie said...

Hopefully, this won't be wiped out:

Welcome to SITs! I hope you are enjoying the party:-)


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