Lovely Mother's Day Weekend...

Happy Belated Mother's Day, ladies!

I celebrated my 2nd Mother's Day this past weekend. I have now been a mom for 402 days! What a year it has been for both myself and my little guy--full of milestones, love, laughter, some adjustments and growing pains, but so much joy, and wonderful memories to last a lifetime!

Cellphone pic...didn't have new camera ready yet!

We took our son to see the Sesame Street Live - "Elmo's Green Thumb" show on Saturday. We worried a bit that he wouldn't be able to stay in his seat or stay focused for the entire show, or might become a bit over-stimulated and have a melt down. He actually did really well though---he bopped to the music, clapped, kept saying "Yeah!" and "Emmo! Cookie!" and pointing at the characters. He remained engaged for the entire show. The show was so cute. The songs were very upbeat, the dancing was great. The best part for us though, was watching Isaac so excited, and full of joy. Hubby took us to Chili's for dinner afterward which was really nice. He and Isaac gave me a new digital camera for Mother's Day! I have one digital SLR camera already, but have always wanted a smaller, slim one to take in my purse daily - so he got me the Sony DSCW350 in Pink! It's awesome!!

Unfortunately, Isaac had been over-stimulated that day and it it just didn't show up until much later--in the middle of the night! He woke off and on most of the night, crying and fussing. He had taken a nap Saturday morning before we left for the show, but not as good or long as he normally does. Maybe we talked about the show too much in advance? We tried to prepare him by telling him about the show, what to expect, and what was expected of him, like staying in his seat. Maybe that was too much? Anyway, he finally fell asleep about 3am or so. We were all so tired.

On Mother's Day, hubby took us out to brunch, and we browsed a local antique mall. I found the cutest wall hanging - an embroidered linen comb & brush holder for $1 ! This will go really nice in my 1st floor half bath, where I have glass shelves with antique toiletries, bottles, soap dish, antique blow dryer! The embroidery is a bit worn in places but that adds character, to me.

Cell phone pic...not greatest quality

We just did our grocery run, and headed back home to relax. We worked in the yard some, and at the last minute, decided to hit a nearby 1950's style drive-in restaurant for a casual, quick dinner. So I didn't really have to cook all weekend! Thanks hubby!

Another cell phone pic...

My lovely Mother's Day weekend ended with watching Saturday Night Live on DVR, and a relaxing massage by hubby. Ahhh! Couldn't have been nicer....(well, unless I were under an umbrella on a beach somewhere....but we can't have everything, all the time....can we?)


kim said...

I've given you an award! Please come to my blog to accept it!


Monogram Queen said...

Happy Happy Happy Belated Mothers Day! I think us late-in-life Mom's appreciate it just a 'tad' more. I love being a Mommy!!!!


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