One thing Stays the Same - My Life is Always Changing!

Well, this mama is going back to work Y'all.

I got the job! I will be working 30 hours per week M-F and Isaac will be going into a great daycare program. I start on Monday 5/24.

I'm on a sort of mini-emotional rollercoaster right now. While I'm excited and looking forward to returning to the working world, I'm also experiencing some feelings of guilt and sadness over sending Isaac into daycare and missing our classes, playdates and special times together. I'm also having a little remorse over the loss of freedom I'll experience by going back to work - no more spontaneous activities or trips, restraints on when we can travel to see our families or for appointment scheduling....but it will be like this once Isaac's in school all day too, right? I am looking forward to the sense of accomplishment, the adult interaction, and using the analytical part of my brain again.

This week is so crazy for me, trying to get so many things done before I start working next week. I shopped off and on all weekend and updated my wardrobe considerably, and ran errands. Now I have to label all of Isaac's clothing, we have visitors from China coming for dinner Thursday night, a garage sale planned tentatively for either Friday or Saturday, and Isaac is going to daycare Thursday and Friday for a few hours to ease into his new surroundings and routine. WHEW! I'm gonna need a vacation before Monday!

(Hubby just emailed and said he's adding a dinner out with colleagues tomorrow nite, to my already crazy week! Yikes!)

I hope it doesn't take me long to settle into a good routine for keeping up with my Domestic Goddess duties, working, and shuttling our son back/forth. Just when I finally felt like I got the hang of being a SAHM, I go and change everything and go back to work. Oh well, that's my life---it's always been about major adjustments and change. Now I just have to learn all about being a working mom!

I have several product reviews in the pipeline right now---products that I'm trying, books waiting to be be read, and BzzCampaigns to work on. I just want to assure all companies involved - I will follow through with every single one. I may be a little slow, but I fully intend on publishing reviews and promoting them as I always have. I will not let you down!


Erin said...

woohoo! CONGRATULATIONS on the new job!!!!! YAY!

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Congrats on getting the job!!


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