The Saturday Shizzle....

Hope you all are enjoying a lovely Saturday! I'm hanging out in the garage as we wrap up the 2nd day of our weekend garage sale. We've done surprisingly well actually despite the rain off and on Friday and heavy fog this morning. Now it's sunny and beautiful though!

It's funny and interesting to watch people as they peruse the "treasures"--things I think no one would want but they just 'have to have it'--and how they dicker over the prices of things. Especially something that is almost brand new, originally cost $30 and I'm asking a whole $1.50 for it, and get an offer of 50 cents. People want the world but don't want to pay anything for it. That's why, my hubby says, the manufacture of everything is shifting to China...why nothing is made in America anymore. Companies can't afford to manufacture anything in the USA and price it to what the American public demands anymore. It's really sad, but it is becoming reality. We're doing it to ourselves....(that's a whole 'nother post for another day...)

Any old hoo, I'm a garage-cleaning-organizing, wheelin'-dealin' saleswoman, little monkey-chasing, laundry-doing multi-tasking mama! Can you say that 3 times fast? It sure would make a good country music song! Just need to throw some beer, a trailer, an old dog and a no-good-cheatin' ex in there and I'd get a grammy, eh?! LOL

Isaac did really well with his 2 first days of daycare on Thursday & Friday. We took him for a couple short days to sort of ease him into going to "Gool" as he calls it. He loves his teachers Miss Erin, Miss Kathy and Miss Angie. I love that Miss Kathy is half Korean like Isaac...they've really started to form a special little bond and he really likes her and all the kids in his toddler class. He never cried once. (Mommy only cried once! Aren't you proud?!) This makes my heart feel Super Happy! (lol Ok so I went a  little Kai-Lan on ya there for a moment). This will make the transistion of going back to work a little easier....knowing we picked a wonderful place that has wonderful loving teachers for our precious little guy to be safe, while we're working.

I'm kinda nervous about my first day at work Monday.  Hoping I can easily get back into the routine of a work schedule, structure, rules, time restrictions, etc. Just realizing how nice the schedule freedom has been as a SAHM for 14 months, and a little sad giving that up. The real bummer is that my hubby will be getting up at 4AM(!) that morning to get to an early meeting....(and waking me too) niiiice. I'll be exhausted by the time I start at 11:00am on my very first day. Bleh! If you're reading this - say a little prayer for me!! :-)

By the way....we've made about $250 at the garage sale! Woot Woot!
Gotta go make a McD's run and get this garage clean up finished!! I'm hoping hubby will treat us to an adult beverage later, at this cool restaurant patio by the river later!


It's Always Something Around Here said...

Hope you have a great first day of work. Glad the little guy is liking his new "gool" LOL!!

lovesmukiwa said...

Good luck on Monday! Hope the rest of the garage sale went well. It snowed here all day Saturday :(


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