Will Work for...Peanuts? Sanity?

I'm feeling a little overwhelmed lately and it's my own doing. I have become one of those over-scheduled moms who tries to do it all plus some...we have an activity for almost every day of the week, belong to a local mom's social group, play groups, I do laundry twice a week, keep a fairly clean house, and have this blog.

Now I have a job interview tomorrow. Yes a job interview. I have been considering going back to work for some time now and sending resumes but with this horrible job market, I haven't been receiving too many calls or the right opportunities. I'm really nervous because I've not interviewed in awhile, but also because it means life as I know it will be changing. My life has always been about change but it always brings me anxiety and frustration as I struggle with making major decisions. Especially when I'm forced to rush through my decision process, which seems to be the circumstances every time, for me.

The job is a part-time job, but in the field of human resources, which I really enjoy. The pay may be barely above what the cost for daycare will be, initially. This is hard to swallow and in some ways seems hardly worth it. The pay scale out here in the "Stickburbs" is ridiculously low. I did some research and the pay offered for this job is below the average for this position in this area, but in this economy companies have to do what is necessary to survive and they know they have applicants over a barrel - so many people will take whatever they can get right now.

There are pros and cons to this situation. PROs - Foot in the door to a company that promotes within and claims to have good opportunities for those in this position, good social interaction, learning environment and routine for our son, Self-actualization and intrinsic rewards from social interactions with peers & working in a field I enjoy and that utilizes my degree and background.  Location right near husband's office. CONs- Working just to pay daycare. No benefits, No increase in family income, potential increase in expenditure (clothing, lunches, transportation), Son exposed to more illness in daycare, no vacation time this year, less time for domestic duties, potential for inability to travel to family during holidays.

I was told however, that there are a few other Full-Time openings in this company, in areas I also have experience. So I couldn't pass up the opportunity for an interview. I would love to work part-time, but if the job and pay were right for full time I would definitely consider it. I could save for our son's education--I would love to send him to private school....Working full time (and then some!) is what I've done all my life prior to moving to IL--it's all I've ever known. But not as a mom. That adds a whole new spin to things...So I've got some thinking to do.

What are your thoughts? What is your advice? Have you ever gone back to work, just for the sake of working (and had little or no money left after daycare expenses?)  What was your experience becoming a working mom?  How do you juggle it all and still feel connected to your child, your family?


Erin said...

GOOD LUCK ON YOUR INTERVIEW TODAY!!!! (late reading this)

keep us posted!


Mom Taxi Julie said...

I hope the interview went well! It's a hard decision to return to work and I'm always on the edge of wanting to quit!

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

I understand where you're coming from. I want to work for me so that I can feel like I have value outside of being a mom. I would really really prefer to be getting that from writing but since the one regular writing gig I do have doesn't actually pay me...

It's kind of hard because I want to work outside the house or have a babysitter so that I could work in my home office - the type of thing where I close the doors and hang the sign that says CLOSED and no one can bother me. Now I just have to manage writing when kids are at school or in whatever stolen moments I can grab. With my husbands insane schedule (in HR oddly enough :) those moments are few and far between.

Weight the pros and cons and don't make it only about money. Sometimes happiness and self-worth are more important than the money. A happy person = a happy mom.


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