You Want a Tip? For What--Doing Your Job?

I went through the Sixbux  Starbuck's drive-through this morning on my way to our last bible study class. I don't know if it's just me being a tightwad....but it kinda bugged me to see a tip jar on the windowsill in the drive-through! What the heck?

To me, you tip a waitress or waiter inside a sit-down restaurant for exemplary service. You know, when they anticipate your need and refill your drink, bring extra napkins without being asked, make sure special requests are fulfilled properly, expediting delivery of your food, especially when you have a child with you....things like that.

Since when are we expected to tip people for just doing their job? They're SUPPOSED to be accurate, speedy & courteous in a drive-through. I don't see McDonald's, Walgreen's drug store, the bank teller or dry cleaners putting a tip jar in their drive-through windows. I mean, really. Is it just me? What's next? Tip jars at cash registers at Walmart or the grocery? Tip jars at the self-serve check out lane or gas pumps?


lovesmukiwa said...

The tip jars are showing up regularly. I have seen them already at gas stations and video stores. I think I will hang one around my neck so people can tip me just for being me.

Retro Girl said...

LOL I thought the same thing...I should have a tip jar on my purse, and ask for tips everywhere I go...

Menopausal New Mom said...

I've never given any thought to the tip jars but you're right, we have them at the coffee drive thru windows here too. When I get a coffee, I always tell them to put the spare change towards the kid's camp that Tim Horton's runs. Guess that solves it for me, I don't feel like I'm snubbing them a "tip" and they have a jar there for the camp that gets my change (I think)

BTW, loved your comment on my swollen eyes today. Thank gawd the swelling is nearly gone now but the weekend was brutal! You can come by for a laugh at my expense anytime


Monogram Queen said...

I agree 1000% it bugs the heck out of me too. Tip jars - everywhere! It's the sense of entitlement these kids today have - that's what it is.
(and do I ever woefully sound like a crotchety old lady LOL)

Haddock said...

I totally agree with you.
A tip should be voluntary and arm twisting and lurking around is equivalent to bribery for doing your job.

Nicki said...

I always see those jars at smaller places, even small fast food restaurants. It seems almost like a donation jar to me. Plus, waitresses often get a very small hourly wage so that they depend on your tips, but regular cashiers get normal wages.

Tracy said...

I know, there are tip jars everywhere now. What took the cake for me was the other day I went into Tim Hortons to get a coffee and the servers were way too busy to take my order. They were all more interested in dividing up the tips. I was so mad, I just left.
I don't like feeling obligated to tip...especially when one pays through the nose for a simple coffee!


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