The Big 2 - Happy Birthday Little One!

Happy 2nd Birthday Isaac!

I can hardly believe our sweet precious little boy is 2 years old today! I guess I can't call him my baby anymore! 

He's one amazing little guy. He can count to 10, knows a great deal of the alphabet, can name colors, animals, numbers, shapes, can point out matching objects, can tell you he's 2, folds his hands and 'prays', and is a good jumper. He gives the sweetest hugs, can climb with the 5 year olds, and is has a great soccer kick for a 2 year old!

I sometimes think he's taught me more in the last 14 months since I became his mommy (through adoption) than I think I've learned in the past 14 years. He is the sunshine and joy of my life and I am so thankful to God that we have been so blessed to become his parents.

I have been thinking all day of my son's birth mother and praying for her. On this day two years ago, she made the ultimate sacrifice and gift of love. I am sure that somewhere in Seoul, Korea, she woke on this day, filled with thoughts of the tiny precious boy to whom she gave life. I pray that God gives her strength and peace and somehow lets her know that Isaac is loved very very much and is living a happy, healthy life, and how grateful we are to her.


K.Jones said...


Celeste and Tom said...

Happy Birthday Isaac!
To Mom- I have enjoyed your posts about getting back into work but being a working mom have not had time to reply. (Also i am crazy enough right now to take a master's class....) Alas.. also staying up too late these past 2 weeks..

lovesmukiwa said...

congratulations! our baby is two next month :)


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