THE Monday Poo-Pourri.....

Monday Poo Pourri
Little bit of this....little bit of that...kinda stuff.

For the odds and ends, the random musings, stuff that fits nowhere but the junk drawer of life - it's the long-lost Monday Poo-Pourri. 

This is my own little meme of sorts - something I used to do every Monday, when I used my blog to share my bouts of randomness and quirky thoughts...

**Working Mom Adventure Continues....Overheard in my office last week:
Guy in Sales, in neighboring cubicle, on phone to male colleague..."Yeah dude, She's a Ging...A Ginger! Yeah, hot!....Hey, you know pumpkin pie will cost ya extra!!..hehehe!"  (Me, blushing..WTH? I'm a redhead...is he talking about me? Ok, I'll take Hot...lol, but Um ok...this is slightly in the realm of indirect harrassment, right?!)

**Why does it rain every weekend lately, but then come Monday morning, it's sunny beautiful and low humidity---now that I'm working? And now that we bought Isaac a bigger kiddie pool (which he has yet to use because of Mother Nature...who seriously needs a Midol!)

**Why do we keep going to Wallyworld at the same time on Sunday when skipping church...knowing we're gonna bump into this same lady from our congregation who seems to "bust" us and give us a guilt trip? Why do I feel obligated to explain to her where we've been and why we've missed quite a few Sundays lately?

** Isaac has started waking up somewhere between 4:00-5:00am every day. What is up with that?! He stays in bed however, singing, babbling and he falls back asleep until about 6:30-7am. Me--not so much. I lay there awake and zombie-like. This is seriously cutting into my sanity beauty sleep!

** Why has my mom become like SNL's "Debbie Downer"  as she's gotten older? She has something negative to say about everything. We were talking about our landscaping looking so good, and told her about the new fountain and bird feeder we put in and she said "What about your osmosis*? Don't you know all those birds can give you a disease?! You need to keep all those nasty birds away from your property!" (*She means histoplasmosis..an eye condition. lol) Doesn't matter what it is - I could say I won the lottery and she'd tell me some horrible factioid about why I'll be so sorry I won. Feh-I will not let her steal my joy! I'll just laugh, thinking of those Debbie Downer skits.

** I love Drop Dead Diva on Lifetime tv. Love the very pretty, sexy, witty & intelligent plus-sized main character, attorney Jane Bingum. It's a great light summer dramedy series. It's definitely no Ugly Betty, which I miss terribly. But - Brooke Elliott is a fab actress--really love DDD - hope to see lots more of her. Kudos to Lifetime for having a real-sized main character depicted in a positve way!


kim said...

Too funny, that reminds me of my mom too!

I miss Ugly Betty terribly!!!!

Celeste and Tom said...

I have been enjoying your working Mom adventures & this is the first time to post a comment in awhile. Maybe Guy in Sales meant you were like Ginger from Gilligan's Island?? (Also I can relate to skipping church.. Ugh a little 2 year old at our house likes to talk/yell all the time!)

Mom Taxi Julie said...

I'm lucky and don't have many downer people in my life. Mostly a girl at work and sometimes my oldest and husband.


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