Working Mom: week 4

Week 4 of the new Working Mom adventure....

Got a phone call at work, at 4:45pm on Isaac's birthday yesterday, from the day care. Seems he had a temperature of 100.6 and they wanted to warn me that he was getting sick. They said two other children in the class had fevers. Lovely.

We talked a bit, and I voiced my concern that several times I've come to pick Isaac up, and he's sweaty, the windows are open (on 80+ degree/humid days) and the teachers have commented they 'aren't allowed to use the air conditioning' and that he's really thirsty, asking for a drink from the fountain on our way out. I wasn't really impressed by this...and asked that they have cold water available for him throughout the day and use the air conditioning! I've read that being overheated can cause fever in children. Also he's been very tired from taking very short naps at daycare, as he continues to adjust to the new routine, especially on Mondays. I think the weekends throw him off schedule. I just really think he's been getting run down from the lack of sleep and the heat. I was told that they would make sure the rooms were kept cool and they give kids sippy cups all day but she'd make sure Isaac was getting cold drinks.

He seemed fine and had normal temps at home last night. This morning, however, he had 100.5 temperature so we kept him home. Hubby had went to work at 7am. He came home at 9:00 and let me get to work from 9:30-12:30, then I relieved him so he could go to a meeting. Then he came back and I worked from 3:15 until 5:30pm. It was a crazy day!

The whole time I was at work, the phones rang off the wall and I had to run to the back of the building 5 times to let delivery/pickup guys in since the maintenance guy was out. Oh and run to the post office on my way back in at 3pm. I could barely get any of my work done! (Real nice...I'm the one who gets to do his dirty work. Yes, I am a Peon!)

I gave Isaac baby acetaminophen this morning and he had no fever all day, played well, ate lunch well, took a 2.5 hour nap and acted like himself. However this evening before bed, his temp was 100.4 again. Gave him more medicine and he fell right to sleep. Poor little guy.

So, not sure what's going to happen tomorrow. One thing is for sure---hubby is tied up all day at work tomorrow, so he cannot take off. There is no one else here to help, considering we are many miles from family....so if Isaac wakes with a fever tomorrow I have to call the doctor (who will probably do nothing) and call in sick. Ugh! I hate feeling so conflicted...guilty for taking off work when I've not quite been there a month, and also for wanting to take Isaac to daycare and go to work when he probably just needs to stay home and rest........


shelley said...

hey hey hey,
hope your little one is feeling a bit better by now, i know being a working mom is so hard and full of conflict when it comes to your family! happy birtday too, and how very sweet of you to think of your babes birth mom on this special day!
shelley :)

SAHM said...

So sorry to hear about your troubles with the daycare and with Isaac being sick! I know that daycares aren't always the best at meeting the needs of all the kids. You just have to make a fuss until they do their job right!

My daughter was in daycare from 1 1/2 old on, so I know what you're going through. As far as taking off work to be with him if he's still sick; my standpoint has always been "family first, work second", and you have to make that abundantly clear with your supervisor. They can either be understanding, or you can find a better more caring place to work.

Take care and hopefully Isaac is feeling much better tomorrow!


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