My own little bit of Zen....

My sweet hubby recently bought me the coolest gift that I wanted to share with you. Something so simple, but that brings me such peace and joy. It's a water fountain kit that he found at our local Home Depot called the AquaRock fountain kit.

This kit retails for about $50 and comes with either brown or gray stacking rocks. It is so easy to install and is ready in less than an hour! You can either install it in the ground as a natural garden water feature or in a large pot (which can be used indoors or out). We chose a nice spot in our garden just outside the sliding glass door in our kitchen. We can hear the soothing waterfall sounds while we eat dinner indoors, or when we're sitting outside grilling and relaxing.

All you need is a shovel and a bag of decorative rocks and a suitable place to dig a hole, where you can access an electrical outlet. You should also make sure you aren't digging anywhere there might be utility, phone, or cable lines. You will also find a wheel barrow handy to haul away the excess dirt.

You basically dig a hole two inches deeper than the bucket, because you're going to drop the bucket right into the ground, so the water recirculates from the bucket over the rocks constantly. Then just follow the directions, add water and arrange the decorative stones over it. The directions have photos and very clear instructions - it is so easy anyone can do this.

We nestled our fountain right into our garden so it looks really natural. We found a rusty iron bird feeder dish at a local garden store and set it near the fountain and we get tons of small finches, wrens and butterflies around it. (We've had that little frog hotel out there for awhile...and yes, we find frogs hiding out all the time!) And of course, Lucie thinks it's her own personal doggie drinking fountain! LOL

Now we did buy a 2nd one and put it in a large pot on our front porch. It was really nice, while it lasted....Here in Chicagoland, summers can be brutal - 95 degrees, muggy and high winds....thus causing the water to partly evaporate and partly blow out of the fountain, leaving it empty with a hot running pump...which eventually burns out. BUMMER! This was our fault---for leaving it on, not monitoring it and refilling the water. The one shown above in our garden doesn't have this problem since the wind can't blow the water out as easily this low to the ground. However we do have to add water periodically if we get a stretch of at least 3-4 dry days with over 90 degree temps.

Definitely well worth the $50. Lesson learned on fountain #2 in a pot. We need to get a new pump from the pond supply department at our hardware store, and we're going to just install it in the ground by our front walk. I recommend this to anyone who wants their own relaxing little bit of Zen. This would also be great for Condo or Townhouse owners who do have an outdoor area, however small, or someone who wants to do an indoor pot even.

I challenge you to find something else that for $50 and an hour of your time gives you such beauty and hours of peaceful relaxation in return....

** This is not a sponsored review. This product was purchased by my husband, and this is our own experience with this product. Prices, store locations, and results may vary. Please visit the manufacturer website for further information.

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