Since When is Bullying Saving Money or Living Better ?

Shame on Walmart!

The photo above was taken at our local Super Walmart this weekend. I spotted this shirt as we headed for the checkout with our groceries. Most people would probably just roll their eyes and continue on with their shopping. Not me. I do not think this is funny or cute at all.

The retail giant refuses to carry certain music CDs because the lyrics go against Walmart's family values. It appears however, that bullying is one of Walmart's family values.

According to Stop-Bullies.com every 7 minutes a U.S. girl is bullied in school. Almost 30 percent of teens are said to be involved in some form of school bullying. Bullying in our schools has become an epidemic. Bullying accounts for many days missed from school, childhood and teen depression, drug and alcohol abuse, and even suicide. I've read that about 25 or more children commit suicide each year because they've been the victim of bullying. Tragedies like the Columbine shooting have involved a child who was habitually harassed and bullied.

Bullying and Cyber-Bullying has become a hot topic in schools, on the news and on TV talk shows. Horrific videos of violent girls brutally beating other girls keep surfacing online and on the morning news shows. Organizations like the National PTA, Peaceful Schools International, Love Our Children USA, Pacer Kids Against Bullying, and even the National Crime Prevention Council, to name a few, are working at increasing awareness, offering resources and programs for kids, parents and schools to help wipe out the bullying epidemic in this country.

So with all of this going on - I want to know WHY does Walmart think bullying is cute or funny, and find it acceptable to put this garbage that promotes Queen Bee and Bully mentality in girls acceptable? I guess I know the answer....the almighty dollar.  Shame on you Walmart. Once again, money is more important than people.

I DO have to mention and give Kudos to MTV for the show Challenge Day and their new Tuesday evening series "If You Really Knew Me"  . This is a program designed to bring kids together - to build connections, empathy, and build a world where kids feel loved, safe and celebrated. It's a non-profit program that offers 1 day seminars for students in grades 7-12 in schools across America. I think this program is AMAZING and wish it were mandatory in every single school, every year from 5th grade up!


phairhead said...

I am speechless! That is completely disgusting! Yet another reason to hate Malwart

MommyB said...

Great post you really made me think about it. I probably would have kept walking, but it's true about the CDs and whatnot....good point!

Brandy said...

Wouldn't have thought of that, but how true!

(found your post through @peacefulschools on Twitter)

Beth Kohlhoff-Kindergarten Bullies said...

I agree another reason to boycott Walmart. This is especially disturbing since "Mean Girls" where part of the attack on Phoebe Prince. When will it be trendy to be kind?

I do have to say that while MTV does have a new show geared at anti-bullying it still does not change the fact that they have a show called Bully Beatdown.

Retro Girl said...

Shows how much I really watch MTV...I vaguely remember hearing about Bully Beatdown, but totally forgot about it. It appalls me, really, too. Funny how they'd contradict themselves, but I am glad they're doing Challenge Day and If You Really Knew Me. (Am surprised the folks behind Challenge Day agreed to work with MTV in light of BullyBeatdown!) I know MTV has a really trashy bunch of shows - nothing like it was in the 80's when MTV first began...back then it was all about the music. Now they rarely play videos. TV in general is garbage any more, and it's a damn shame.

Mommy Is Green said...

I completely agree with you! Walmart should not be carrying this shirt. I just saw "If You Really Knew Me" last night. What a fantastic program!


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