Thursday Thunks

Thursday Thunks: Kitchen Wonderland

The TT questions are brought to you by Bud, the color of Jupiter's third moon and the number 3,333,333.

1. Billy Mays died about a year ago. What kitchen gadgets have you bought that you've used less than three times? What are they?  A stainless steel meat tenderizer hammer. A 1950's style milkshake machine. *shrugs*

2. What celebrity would you like to shake some sense into, and why?  Lindsay Lohan for one. She needs to grow up and take some responsibility for herself. Not that she has good role models or anything....look at her parents.  

3. Jimmy Buffett just did on concert to benefit the victims of the Gulf. Name a Buffett song that you like.  The Volcano Song...I also like Pirate Looks @40...

4. How did you feel about Ringo Starr turned 70?  And? So? Did he do a special trick like the Triple Lindy?  My Dad also turned 70 last year and he's way cuter!

5. What sport do you absolute see no point in watching? Any/all. I hate sports. Unless you count Putt-Putt. Or Border Collie Frisbee, or dog agility trials as sports....

6. Trivia time. Do you know the first names of the French twins?  Who?

7. You are in the best seafood restaurant in Canada. What type of meat do you order? If they don't have pan-seared or broiled orange roughy, grilled chicken it is. I do not eat crustaceans (they look too much like giant bugs and I don't rip meat from a whole carcass of anything -- it's too disgusting and neanderthal for me!) or other creatures of the sea.

8. How far would an electric car have to go without a recharge before you'd buy one? I don't know....depends on how much it impacts the electric bill....maybe 500-800 miles?
9. Did you see that a high court ruled that you can swear on regular TV? What word can you just not wait to hear? I actually am sick of the way they talk on regular tv. The whole world is becoming a Jerry Springer society, no morals, no decorum or manners or respect at all. It's awful.

10. You are in the finest steak and rib joint in Kimberville (Arizona). What seafood dish do you order? Um None. See above. I'll stick with the grilled chicken. Or the ribs. Why would I order seafood in the best steak/rib joint anyway. That's like going to Taco Bell and asking for their best PB&J or going to an Indian food restaurant and asking for their best knockwurst and kraut. lol.

11. What was the last concert that you attended that really sucked? Probably Sum 41 in Louisville Ky, for a variety of personal reasons...but also because after 3 horrible unknown warm up bands played for what seemed like forever, and Sum 41 still hadn't made an appearance, we said screw it and left.....(Sum 41 isn't a fave band, so it wasn't that disappointing...but that day sucked pretty bad...)

12. What type of accent would you like to have, if you were forced to change yours?
Hmm. Something Mediterranean.

13. Kimber's got four kids with chicken pox. Berleen is not feeling the love today, so I was asked to host. What do you miss most when neither originator of TT is asking the questions?  Don't know....I'm fairly new to the TT Hope everyone feels better very soon. I have a sick little monster  little boy myself right now who I cannot wait to get well and back to daycare...(Calgon take me away!! lol)

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phairhead said...

AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!! Sum 41, poopy poopiness :P
My sympathies!


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