Adventures of a Working Mom....

Week 8....

Wow week 8 already? The time has really flown by since I went back to work. I guess it's the fast pace of the job, and that I feel like I'm constantly going, doing, trying to keep my head above water.

Things at work are much better than the first couple weeks. I finally got the training I needed and am enjoying my work. Now that they've gotten to know me, people at work are treating me much better. Since we hired a new morning receptionist, I've suddenly become one of them, and she's the new outsider. It's ridiculous really, but that's the dynamic of this place...it takes awhile for them to accept and respect you when you're new.

The OB (office beast) who was so snide & condescending  is much nicer...but still seems a bit stalker-ish. She makes a point to stroll by my desk, even when I'm in my morning cubicle on the far opposite end of the building, and always gives me sugary compliments, wants to adjust my collar or clothing tags, or somehow find a way to touch me. (*cringe*). She sometimes says "hugs!" or yesterday says "We love you!" in this sing-song voice as she stalked  cruised by. It's just creepy.

Isaac started complaining of an "owie" Monday and pointing to his mouth. We figured he was having teething pain with the top eye teeth coming in. But turns out he has a really sore throat. It got so bad, he was literally screaming and shrieking all night Monday night, so Tuesday we kept him home from "gool". Daddy had taken a Mr. Fixit day off to get a few jobs done around the house so he stayed home with the little guy.  Isaac ended up taking a 4 hour nap so hubby was able to get some work done, and paint the trim on the front of the house.

Hubby texted me in the afternoon - and said he pulled a "Clark W. Griswold" -- he fell off the ladder while painting, and said "luckily the concrete porch broke his fall"....OMG (How did I know this would happen?!) Fortunately, he only fell from about the 4th rung, and he is only sore and bruised, but still!

Isaac screamed & cried all night again last night....so I kept him home again today, and called in sick. OTC acetaminophen wasn't helping much, and he suddenly had sores on his tongue and in his mouth, so I thought Isaac might have strep or thrush and got him in to the doctor. Doc says it's a virus, no Rx - just switch to ibuprophen, use aneseptic sore throat spray (which Isaac hates!) and try to get him to eat popsicles, drink water/juice, eat soft foods -- which he will have none of. I've gotten him to drink a small milkshake, but that's about it. He's miserable, cranky, and tired. Mommy really is too. My nerves are frazzled.

Doc says Isaac should stay home tomorrow. Dilemma. Hubby has meetings all day. I have a lunch meeting tomorrow that I really shouldn't miss....and the morning gal can't stay late on Thursdays to cover me...also, I don't get paid when I am off (and my paycheck pays the daycare...and I have a few peanuts left over). We have no family nearby, no alternatives....not sure what is going to happen.....Feel guilty both ways...for wanting to get to work and for wanting to stay home.  Don't want to be labeled unreliable, and get super behind at work...and at the same time, I know my son needs me.  *sigh*  Guess I'll be calling in sick....Ugh.

My throat is getting scratchy too now....Lovely.

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