Expensive & Boring weekend so far.....

It is an absolutely beautiful sunny Saturday...not a cloud in the sky, and here I sit on the couch wasting this precious time, while Isaac takes a nap and hubby piddles in the garage. I cannot stand wasting days like today - because we work all week and soon it will be winter! (Yes, I start dreading winter about this time of year. In Chicagoland, it's late summer one day, fall the next and BAM snow in October! It's coming...and I'm dreading it!) I feel like we should do something fun on Saturdays, as a family, and enjoy the lovely weather while we can! The chance for a fun Saturday was doomed before it ever got a chance....

We did go to a bowling party last night put on by my company. It was at this cool little 10 lane vintage bowling alley, complete with manual scoring and all. There were supposed to be like 20-30 people there and only about 10 showed up. I bowled a high of ohhhh about 87 lol, but I had fun. I broke one of my acrylic nails, however. Bummer!  (Bowling party $20. Babysitter $25. Drinks at party + Ice Cream afterward $20)

Apparently our air conditioner decided it didn't wanna work anymore. The capacitor broke. (Is that anything like the flux capacitor in Back to the Future? Do these HVAC guys make this crap up?) So hubby had to call a repairman to come out this morning. $250'ish later....

While hubby dealt with the a/c fellow, and waited for his new riding lawn mower (that he just HAD to have) to arrive (anywhere between 8:30am and 10:30am...which turned out to be 10:30), I went to get my nail repaired. I wound up getting one nail repaired, a color change, my toes painted and they applied acrylic to my big toenail to even it out (it's growing back after recovering from a fungal nail). I went in planning on spending maybe $10-15....it wound up being $28 plus $5 tip! (Double what my regular place charges! Next time I'll drive the extra few miles to my reg. place!)

Hubby got a flat tire Thursday afternoon, too, and has been driving on a spare. After the A/C guy left and I was getting my nails done, he went to see if they could plug or repair the tire. Apparently if you need a new tire on a 4 wheel drive vehicle, they won't replace just 1 tire. It does something to the differential or some thingy and they recommend all 4 tires. He wasn't sure if they were trying to just sell more tires or what so he chose to wait....drove home on his spare...and did some research online. Yup. It's unanimous. Even the tire manufacturer websites strongly recommend changing all 4 tires for safety reasons and for mechanical reasons. So that'll be another upty-nine-hundred-dollars I'm sure! He's gonna call around Monday to find the best deal.

Sheesh...so far we've blown a small fortune this weekend, and haven't done anything that fabulous. Unless you count eating cardboard-y pizza and sucking at bowling...lol. Hey we did have some laughs with my work mates, and got out of the house.

Need to talk hubby into going and doing something fun before this weekend is over...something cheap or free....but away from this house! All I can think of is soon it'll be winter and we'll be stuck inside. Gotta make the most of what's left of summer!

And please, please - I need everything to stay in working order for awhile! 


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