Lovely Weekend...Korean Festival & Shopping...

onday again already? Jeez! Weekends just go way too fast!

We had a really nice weekend. We did some outlet mall shopping on Saturday. Didn't buy much but had a nice time browsing and walking. Hit the Old Navy outlet and found a few cute things for Isaac and some cheapo flip flops for mama.

Sunday we cruised the Chicago Korean Street Festival on Bryn Mawr. It was sunny and hot but very nice out. Not hot and humid and unbreathable as it has been recently. We watched a traditional Korean Drum demo, which Isaac seemed to really enjoy. We also watched as kids and adults played some Korean traditional games. Unfortunately we missed all the K-Pop bands, traditional dance and childrens' talent show which were Saturday evening. I hope to sometime get to go on a Saturday late afternoon and see more of the entertainment.

Here is a short video clip of the beginning of the drum demo. Sorry for the shaky camera at one point - but we were sitting and there was some photographer dude who couldn't seem to find anywhere else to stand except directly over my head, leaning almost into me with a large camera!

This week Isaac begins transitioning from the toddler room to the 2 yr old room at daycare. He's already been playing in the 2s room off and on, so I think it will go well. I am sure he will miss his sweet teachers - especially Ms. K who is half-Korean. They seem to have forged a special bond. I wish we could move her with him!

This week is also our 5th wedding anniversary on Wednesday.  Five years. Wow. Can't believe it's been that long since we stood on that beach at sunset. We have no major plans...maybe dinner out as a family. Yes I wish we were doing something just the two of us, but we already have an evening out with work folks and have a babysitter coming in about 10 days....

Hope everyone had a great weekend, and has a Fab Monday!

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sincerelykate said...

happy anniversary, Red! xoxo.


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