Jane, Stop this Crazy Thing!!

I never intended to go on hiatus from blogging...but I guess that's sort of what happened over the last several weeks. It is amazing how time flies and suddenly a month has passed, when you stay busy.

First my hubby was traveling for almost 2 weeks, so I had my hands full, working and taking care of the house, Isaac and the dog.  After work in the evenings, Isaac and I spent a lot of time enjoying the last bit of summer weather outside walking, playing in the backyard, going to the park and when it rained we went to the library, visited friends and had playdates, and went to the mall one Sunday. Despite that we really missed Daddy, I think this time Isaac and I grew even closer. Bonding and attachment aren't a one time event, it is a lifelong process--especially with adoptive families. So this was valuable bonding time for us.

Every time hubby goes away, something happens at the house. Every. Time. Have come home to find the filter hose on the pool spraying water everywhere, had animals get sick and have big vet bills, sold a house on my own to name a few. This time he was away we had a storm with 60 mph winds, and I came home one night to find our patio table flipped over and all the ceramic tiles broken out, and our big heavy gas grill thrown/flipped over in the yard, bent all to hell. It looked like a tornado hit our backyard....and surprisingly, no other neighbors had damage. Weird! It was all I could do to flip the grill upright, turn it around and drag it back to the patio. Sheesh!

Even though I work part-time, I do work 5 day weeks. I have been struggling to keep up with cleaning, doing laundry, doing my grocery lists and meal planning like I used to and finding time left over to blog, read, scrapbook, or workout. I'm struggling to find balance and find time. Maybe with winter coming, I'll find more time to be inside and get back into a routine. Summer usually does have most families out and about and on the go.

Isaac is talking more and more every day. In the 4 months since he's been in daycare and I've been working he is saying up to 5 word sentences, uses silverware, drinks from a cup, and is behaving a little more mature (at times). We can definitely see progress. He's growing like a weed - has caught up in height/weight and is where he should be for his age. He's definitely a little boy and no longer a baby, which makes me a little sad and sentimental. Time is definitely flying by. Wish I could just slow it down a little....


Mom Taxi Julie said...

It's crazy hard to do it all! My mom's little place out here gets like a wind tunnel in her back yard. The wind has ripped the doors off her shed several times!

AngC said...

I know exactly how you feel! Sometimes the days just seem to disappear on me.... before we know it, it will be Christmas again (I'm sure the last one wasn't all that long ago)!


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