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I'm constantly taking photos and sharing with family and friends. I have two digital cameras and my Blackberry camera phone. I sometimes think I was born with a camera in my hand. Like many 'digital moms' all my photos are stored digitally - I don't print copies very often and can't always show people pictures of Isaac on a moment's notice (unless they're ones stored in my phone).  I was happy to get the opportunity to check out Wholesale Keychain's digital photo keychain for this reason. What better way to have a slideshow to go, ready on the spur of the moment to show off my beautiful son and pictures of our adventures!

I received the digital photo keychain thanks to Tomoson.com - representatives for Wholesale Keychain. It arrived in a small package containing the keychain, a USB cord for connecting to your computer, and a small instruction sheet. There is no disc or software to install - you simply use the enclosed USB cord and connect the keychain to your computer. It is so simple - a program from the keychain pops up - you choose & download your photos to the keychain and you're ready to go!

The keychain I received is pink plastic, with a silvertone frame on the front screen. Operational buttons are on the back and are super easy to figure out. I will say - the font on the small instruction sheet is super tiny -- which I found very hard to read - but I really didn't need to read too much to figure it out - this keychain is literally that simple. I quickly downloaded about 60 photos. It has a 4.8 mb memory and will hold somewhere around 75 photos, however. It has either a manual or automatic slideshow and other features like toggle between photo and time display. (See the full Specs HERE) It has a sort of inexpensive trinket look to it, but the plastic case on this keychain is fairly tough - it held up to my 2 year old son's inspection and playfulness. He loved it! For a small 1.5" LCD display (128x128), the quality and color is really good. I was pleasantly surprised. Another great thing is that WholesaleKeychain will engrave up to 3 lines (11 characters each) on the back of this keychain.

I think at just under $10 this would make a great stocking stuffer, or gift for any occasion. I filled it with family photos so my son can see his Daddy anytime he misses him because my hubby frequently travels for his job. I think this would make a great gift for distant relatives or in the case of other adoptive families such as ours -- a wonderful gift to send in the care package to your waiting child so he/she can see photos of his/her new family until they are brought together, forever.

This keychain came in pink, however it is offered in silver as well. WholesaleKeychain offers a slew of digital photo keychains and other keychains to choose from. There really is something for everyone at their site.

I received a complimentary keychain in exchange for my honest opinion and a review of my experience. I did not receive any other compensation or incentive nor was I required to write a positive review. Individual results or experiences may vary. You may obtain more detailed information from the company's website. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

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