I Heart Ebay!

I'm getting my Ebay groove on again. Have a ton of Thomas the Train, Thomas & Friends stuff to sell. We received a huge box of stuff from friends - way more than Isaac could ever use so we decided to sell off the excess and use the proceeds towards Christmas. They're all like new and will make some little one very happy.

Also have an almost brand new Ergo Baby Carrier for sale there too! Used only a few times - (we had 2 ! ) . Such an awesome item - and a great deal!!

Gotta work on getting all the 18 month clothes listed. Have so many great clothes, some never worn as Isaac went through a big growth spurt recently and we had to go buy all new clothes AND shoes! I had such great success selling his 12 month clothes last year, I need to do it again to offset my recent shopping excursions!

Also have some Waterford Christmas ornaments that are gorgeous but don't really go with our retro holiday decor, so they're up for grabs!

Interested? - You can check out all my auctions on Ebay HERE

Do you sell on Ebay? What do you have the most success with? Any one out there start buying clearance items simply to sell on Ebay?? How'd it go?

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