Red Green would be Proud!

Ain't that just reeeeal nice?! Yes that's our mailbox. Attractive, huh? Actually it looks better this way....when we arrived home we found it mangled, lying on the ground and a note on our door from the perpetrator.

It seems that a gal who lives in our neighborhood was driving by and decided to reach into the back seat to give her baby a bottle and she veered off the road, and took out our mailbox. Good thing she stopped there...she was just a few feet away from hitting our tree....or the house!  (The note looked like it was written by a 12 year old....apparently she didn't spend too much time paying attention in school, or drivers ed either!)

Thank goodness no one was hurt. Distracted driving is so dangerous and is such a huge problem right now. It's not only talking or texting on cell phones - people do everything but just driving - like eating, dressing, reading books, shaving, feeding/helping children and fooling with electronics. It's a car, people! Not a kitchen, office, living room, or bathroom.

Truth be told, I thought this mailbox was ugly and cheap looking anyway. Maybe now we can get something more attractive...Hope the mail carrier will leave mail tomorrow. None today...

I just keep hearing Jeff Foxworthy saying "If you rig up your mailbox with duct tape, you might be a redneck..."  Hubby says watching all those Red Green episodes came in handy...lol. How tacky and embarrassing! Now we just need a cut up tire for a planter, maybe a couple broken appliances out front....*cringe*

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