Children's Book Review: Adopted Ed

As I mentioned in a recent post, November is Adoption Awareness Month. Organizations all over are reaching out across the country to increase awareness and educate the public about the thousands of children waiting for their forever families.

My family has been blessed by adoption twice: my husband was adopted as an infant by a wonderful loving family, and then we were fortunate enough to become parents through the adoption of our son in 2009. 

I was thrilled at the opportunity to review the children's book Adopted Ed by Darren Maddern. What perfect timing, during this special month - both Adoption Awareness Month and also the month that two years ago, we received that special phone call with the referral of our son Isaac that we'd so eagerly anticipated.

About the Author
Like my guys - the author of Adopted Ed - Darren Maddern, was also adopted as an infant. He was born in England and was adopted by an American military couple stationed there. He's lived in England, Iran, North Carolina--where he became a U.S. Citizen, and eventually his family settled in Colorado. He had a wonderful happy upbringing, but like many adopted children was naturally curious about his birth parents. It took Darren several years of emotional and personal growth to embark upon the journey to meet his biological mother and grandparents, and eventually his biological father as well. The reunion turned out to be a joyous positive experience, just as he'd dreamed of.  Darren has helped many adoptees, parents of adopted children and those considering adoption with his unique insight and by sharing his personal story.

About the Book
Adopted Ed is one of those easy, simple-to-read books that is not only cute and entertaining, it has a great underlying message of self empowerment and social acceptance. The story is about Eddie, your average happy kid who one day encounters bullies who tease him about being adopted. The wise words of his sweet mom helps Eddie to rise above, confident and proud of who he is, and realize we are all special in our own way.

My View
This is a great, easy to read book that will open up dialogue with children about being adopted and that being different is okay. The book is aimed at children in grade school, but I think pre-schoolers would enjoy it and embrace the message as well. In my opinion, the earlier we talk to children about diversity, acceptance, tolerance, love and respect -- the better. We really like the rythym and rhyme of the story, and the bright colorful illustrations by Erin Fusco. We liked the diversity shown in Eddie's friends and parents in the book as well - it really makes the story believable and relevant to all people. I did think in a couple of places, the wording was a little mature for kids, but would certainly bring about questions from your child which I think is a good thing. Get that dialogue going! Open the lines of communication! Overall, it's a cute, endearing story and there's a great message in this little book---one that I think kids and adults, adopted or not, will enjoy and benefit from reading. This book would make a great gift, a good addition to your family's library and a great donation to your child's school or daycare library.

You can purchase a copy of Adopted Ed at Amazon . You can find out more about Darren Maddern at AdoptedEd.Com , check out Darren on Facebook or Twitter. Stay tuned - because Darren will be publishing Tall Moll soon...a book about Molly, a cute little girl who has a big growth spurt and is suddenly a foot and a half taller than the other kids. How does she handle this? How does she find her confidence and become empowered? Find out when the book comes out in early 2011!

I received complimentary review copy of this book and a chance to have an illustration of my child or family member in the upcoming book Tall Moll -  or a gift card -from One2OneNetwork in exchange for simply giving an honest opinion and a review. I was not required to write a positive review.  I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

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Anonymous said...

I absolutely agree w/ you! This is probably one of the most amazing childrens' books I’ve ever read. It tells the simple story of a little boy who’s just like every other kid, except that he’s adopted. When he’s bullied at school, his mom, “in her simple mom way” helps him deal w/ the situation. Everybody – young and old; adopted or not – should read this book, as it teaches us important lessons of tolerance, acceptance and kindness. Bullying has become such a part of our culture, and it needs to be addressed. Children need to feel good about themselves and understand that being different (e.g., the way you look, what you wear, where you come from, etc.) is FINE. This book does just that, and I strongly recommend it to every parent, teacher, coach and child.


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