Memories...Tornados...and Snow?...It's Thanksgiving in Illinois!

Wow, I can't believe it's Thanksgiving week already. My mom was right...as we get older, time just seems to fly by so quickly.

It's hard to believe that 2 years ago on the Monday before Thanksgiving, I got a very special phone call at work. It was our social worker calling to give me the good news that a precious baby boy was waiting in foster care in South Korea for us to become his forever family. Fastforward 2 years later and here we are....he's 2.5 years old, very busy, never stops talking, jumping, running, playing, singing, counting, laughing and thriving. We are truly truly blessed.

The weather has been crazy here...yesterday it was 65 degrees and we had severe storms and even a tornado about 30 miles away in Caledonia IL. Sheesh. Today it's a lovely, sunny and balmy 30 degrees. It's been a weather-rollercoaster here. We're supposed to have snow in the next couple of days too. Mother Nature needs her midol!

Hubby decided to take vacation time this week to give my laundry/storage/mud room a makeover, even though we are leaving Wednesday evening to go visit my family in Cincinnati for Thanksgiving. So, I have a sunroom full of boxes, and junk everywhere...and the laundry room is only partially done so far. Hubby had to hang up his tool belt and to go into Chicago today with his boss, on company business. So this makeover is ...To Be Continued...."After" Photos coming soon!

Work has been crazy-busy lately. I have taken on extra work while a gal is on maternity leave, and now the gal who shares part of my job is moving to another department. She's been a beast about having to stay in the position until her replacement is hired. She has sorta mentally checked out, barely doing her share of the work, carelessly making a lot of mistakes that I have to go back and correct, and in general just making things more stressful than necessary. I'll be thankful when the new person is hired, trained and we can get back to business as usual.

Hope everyone has a happy safe Thanksgiving!!
What's going on in your neck of the woods this week?

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