THE Monday Poo-Pourri

My own little weekly Meme from wayyyy back.

Just a little of this...a little of that kinda crap..random ramblings..Nothing but Poo...Pourri. 

Wow?! November 1st already? Seems like just yesterday it was May and I'd just decided to go back to work...and the summer is gone.

Halloween was nice. We took Isaac trick or treating at the town square nearby, instead of in our neighborhood. It's a lot of fun, and much safer. Policemen, Firemen and business owners hand out candy, coupons and Elmo was hanging out waiting to be trampled for hugs by the theater. Trick or Treat was from 2-4pm so we had time to run a few errands afterward and have dinner out. When we returned home we noticed our weird neighbor had his fully lit Christmas tree in the front window already...on Halloween night!! Sheesh! Isn't that pushing it?! Too early!

Today Isaac made his public debut as a big boy - He left the house for 'school' this morning wearing big boy underwear! (Those tiny little briefs are so freakin' cute!!). Bye Bye diapers, and pull ups! He seemed nervous and excited at the same time. He's doing pretty good for 2.5 years old, really. Turns out he had only 2 accidents at school....one wet, and one nasty BM one. Needless to say, those adorable very first "unnawears" went into the trash today. Originally, when the teacher warned that they throw away some underwear at first, I balked - what a waste of $! But when I saw how bad this pair was - I gladly got rid of them.They were beyond salvage.

Did really well on Ebay again. Almost $250 in sales! Have 3 buyers left to collect from. Am hoping they come through. That's the only real negative I've encountered selling on Ebay...dealing with people who shouldn't be bidding on things for which they cannot pay.

I'm SO looking forward to traveling for Thanksgiving this year. We didn't get a vacation since I went back to work, so it will be nice to get away from this place for awhile, see my family and hopefully a couple friends. I am praying Isaac is a bit more settled with potty training by then, and that the weather cooperates. So far, we've been lucky - the weather has held out, in the 50's-60's and NO *whispering* snow! (Frantically knocking on wood...)

Trying to get my butt back on a diet....have put on some weight in the last year. Mostly since March...too many BBQs at work, too many indulgences. Ugh! I about fainted when I got on the scale the other day. Have had to buy some new clothes and a coat. I am having a hard time finding time and making myself exercise. It's really hard with a 2.5 yr old, a hubby who travels frequently and working myself. No way in hell I can get up at 5:30am...it just ain't happening....

Have you started your Christmas shopping? We have Isaac's almost done. Just need stocking stuffers for him and a couple small things. Haven't given any thought, however, to presents for hubby or anyone/anything else. Ugh. Maybe we'll go on Black Friday when we're in Cincinnati for Thanksgiving...(ughhh! I feel a migraine coming on just thinking of the crowds and traffic. My hubby is obsessed with finding a holiday bargain though....)

Lastly...just found out I am going to receive a copy of Norah Jones' latest album "Featuring" to review. I am really looking forward to it! The album features collaborative works with several other major artists. Can't wait to check it out....stay tuned for more info on that!

Well...time to sneak a 2 point fat free fudgicle thingy and some boob-tube time before bed...in between some dishes and more laundry....calgon, take me away!

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