National Adoption Day / Adoption Awareness Month

I am late in posting about this very special day....But today is National Adoption Day. It's a day to raise awareness of the thousands of children and babies waiting in foster homes for the day they will find their forever families.

It was estimated that 4500 children would find their forever family today on National Adoption Day. There have been events all over the country today - people coming together to celebrate adoption, to educate, encourage and support those considering adoption.

You can make such a difference in the life of a waiting child...and a special child can make such a difference in your life, through the miracle of adoption. To me, adoption is about opening your mind and heart....love....new beginnings and a second chance at a beautiful life as a family.

If you are reading this, take time to check out this Adoption Information on NationalAdoptionDay.org  pass it on and share it with anyone you know who is curious about or who might be considering adoption.

The month of November is also Adoption Awareness Month. Check out the Adoption Month page at Adoption.org for resources on adoption, to connect with other adoptive families in their adoption support forums, read adoption blogs, adoption news, and so much more.

Today on National Adoption Day, I celebrate not only our son, Isaac, who we adopted in April 2009....but also my sweet husband, and his sister who are adopted by wonderful loving parents. My life is so blessed because they were adopted in love. I celebrate the birth parents who loved these children enough to make the ultimate sacrifice so that they could be well taken care of and raised with much love. I celebrate all whose life work it is to bring families together through the miracle of adoption.

Has your life been blessed by adoption? Do you have a family member or friend who has adopted or been adopted? Feel free to share a story about your experience here in the comments...

Please share a link to NationalAdoptionDay.org or National Adoption Awareness Month or Adoption.org  

Tweet about this post....share it on Facebook...but please pass it on...you could make a big difference for a precious child out there who is waiting....


Christina said...

Sadly, adoption touched my life in negative ways and I can't support National Adoption Month...ever.

To each his own I suppose though.

Retro Girl said...

I'm so sorry to hear that for you. I do hope you find peace and happiness.

Our family is very blessed and we choose to focus on the positive aspects of adoption. My husband grew up with a wonderful loving adoptive family and had such a positive experience that we hope to share the same with our son, and others who may be considering adoption.

Penelope said...

We adopted our little boy through foster care and will be adopting another sometime in 2011(we hope). Have you added your adoption story to our Adoption Blog Hop?


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