Book Review: Two Tickets to the Christmas Ball

I just finished reading a very charming book by Donita K. Paul - Two Tickets to the Christmas Ball. I wasn't sure what to expect based upon the title, but once I started reading, I could hardly put this book down.

The story is about Cora Crowder - a hard working single gal who enjoys spending time with her faithful cat Skippy. Cora usually works through the holidays, shopping early and sending presents to her somewhat estranged family. She always seems to be searching for Christmas..longing to develop her own traditions without the family drama and the 'right way' to celebrate the birth of Jesus, since discovering Christianity in college.
In searching for the perfect gift for her uncle, Cora visits a most unusual little bookshop Warner, Werner and Wizbotterdad's on a curious section of Sage Street, where she has a chance meeting with Simon Derrick. Simon is her supervisor's boss at work, and seems to be a meticulous, private, stoical type.

The story leads us to learn that Simon is really a thoughtful, gentle Christian man who has devoted his life to helping his family - his mother, aunt, grandfather and his sweet sister Sandy, who has downs' syndrome.

Cora and Simon, both two lonely-hearts of sorts, find they've both been given tickets to this mysterious Wizard's Christmas ball that no one seems to know much about...but is it coincidence or is it all part of some big match-making plan cooked up by the bookstore merchants? Little do they know, brought together by the chance bookstore meeting, a litter of new kittens, the innocence of Simon's sister Sandy and a little bit of Christmas magic, their friendship will grow into something much more special.

This is a sweet, charming, magical story with the right blend of light romance, friendship, and faith that will keep you reading and wanting more. I really enjoyed this book and was left wishing for a sequel. I loved the characters, and loved the mysterious Sage Street that seems only Simon and Cora could find and see.

I enjoyed the theme that God has a plan for us, and no matter how crazy or confusing the path, we should just have faith in him and follow his lead. Cora says "The Christmas spirit is giving what you already have, not going out to find something to buy"....and she's right.

The cover artwork is beautiful, inviting and I love the whimsical font that is perfect for this story. This is a great holiday read - for you or as a gift for anyone on your holiday gift list. I strongly recommend it!

You can check out the Author, Donita K. Paul's website HERE
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Thank you Waterbrook Multnomah publishers and the Blogging for Books program for the complementary copy of this wonderful, delightful book in exchange for my honest opinion!!

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