Snow Day Beach Party? Why not?

This morning was the first snow out here in the stickburbs of Chicago. We awoke to white hell  a winter wonderland of about 6" and steady falling snow to my Canadian hubby's delight.

Isaac gazed out the window, surveying the snow with eyes filled with wonder. Hubby asked him what he thought of the snow, and he first looked at me for some reaction or approval and promptly said Ewww! (He knows mommy doesn't like snow and thinks that he should respond likewise.) However when Daddy asked Isaac if he wanted to go play in the snow he grinned and said Yeah!!!  I had to explain to him that it's okay to like snow - just because mommy doesn't care for it doesn't mean he has to feel the same way. We're all different and like different things and that's okay. In fact, it's great! It makes the world more fun and interesting. He seemed relieved!

So while Isaac and Dad suited up to go outside, I promptly cranked up the beach music on Pandora radio and danced in my PJs around the kitchen, making a yummy batch of chocolate chip pancakes. Soon the snow melted away and I was mentally on a sandy warm beach somewhere, in my bungalow by the sea, and my family was out collecting shells! Ahh the joys of a vivid imagination! hehehe!  Isaac enjoyed exploring our snow covered backyard and playing with Lucie the giant puppy outside, and then we feasted on our pancakes.

We're gonna brave the snow and go out for a pizza lunch, and some errands. Tonight we're thinking about heading to the Winter Wonderland Holiday Light Show at the Cuneo Estate in Vernon Hills IL.

We hope to get our Christmas tree and decorations put up this weekend. (Wish I could be decorating a palm tree!) Maybe we'll crank up the heat, I'll wear my shorts & flip flops and we'll alternate between Christmas music and beach music while we decorate! Make it a regular Christmas Beach Party! Why not?!


What are your weekend plans? How's the weather where you are? Do you have any snow day traditions?

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